Wow, 5'8" is legit short nowadays

I’m 5’8 and married my wife who is 5’3 so no issues for me.

I hope you know you just stated the rule of thumb. Women want the guy to be taller than them in their stripper heels.

She has a pear shaped face which was voted to be the least preferred, with heart shaped or triangle being the most preferred.

I support this. Run along and kill yourself.

Not sure what you’re on about here. Straight, light hair, skin, and eyes, or at least a subset of those traits, is for whatever reason the most physically attractive thing to most people, and I agree. Im married to a blond with blue eyes. I just got lucky that she is a religious/traditional girl and that I found her 30 years ago. Alls Im saying is that white women have collectively lost their minds in the 21st century, and thus lost most of their desireable social/relationshiup traits. Theyre fine to fuck, but not marry, but you can still find a pretty girl with straight hair who’s culture hasnt gone full retard in the Asian and Latin worlds.

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5’8 here and yea I feel short. Dam.

Most blonde blue eye girls from my experience age quickly and once they hit 30 they look old and wrinkly. I usually have to target them early to mid 20s to find attractive ones. Most Asians and Latinas from my experience still look good well into their 30s.

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