WoW - Boulderfist/Frostwolf reroll

I know most of the OG that play WoW are on Frostwolf (Horde). I have a 60 lock on Boulderfist (Alliance) and have been playing since the beta (Nerd Alert !!!). I just wanna know if you guys are still recruiting (Tard Chargers)

I'm thinking of re-rolling on to Frostwolf, prolly a Druid. the first time this game cameout, I was tauren, then my friends came along and started playing Ally, Then I just kinda just got stuck from there.

BTW, how is the BG's on that server. and the waiting time ratio on the Ques.

Thanks in advance

Thanks, I'll do it tonight, I can play priest/mage as well.

thanks, DB12

We could really use a good mage, nobody plays one.

Ok Ill create a mage as well, They're really fun against any class execpt shadow priests.

I have a mage started in the guild right now but hes and alt.