WoW: creating a guild

so yes i roll horde on frostwolf and am officially a tard charger and i even picke dup a cool tabard with the bunny rabbit's head on it.

so i'd like to create a guild for my alliance alt on another server. if i get 9 signatures on a charter, how long until they can quit the guild to count as a signature or member? can they sign then immediately quit? also, is there a minimum number of guild members that needs to remain in the guild for it to be active?

shoudl recruiting members really be a concern? are there benefits to it other than the obvious ones i've seen of possible help for reference or for quests or instances? i'll try to keep the sigs on until the charter goes through (any idea how long that takes?). thanks!

now to develop a kickass tabard...

it sometimes takes a little coin to get a guild going....the best way is to go to a newb area and offer some silver if people sign....usually within 30 mins or so u will have enought sigs to start your guild

my suggestion is to know something about the game before starting a guild lol

well i know how to buy pretty swords from the AH and a nice bonnet for my gay ass paladin and how to somehow ressurect my friends when they die and how to run through the various instances and how to use hunters properly in groups without aggro-ing things with my pet but you're right let me gain more game knowledge before i begin my guild. thanks!

oh I know I'm right. Unless you've gained a shitload of wow IQ in the last 11 days you don't know shit. I went ahead and ttt'd your thread (WoW: are paladins good "tanks"?) since you seem to be having some issues with your short term memory and all of a sudden are some sort of wow genius. Either way, lead if you want, but noone respects a newb. I stand by my original comment of learn wow better before you seek to lead. It wasn't an insult at the time, but now it is since you got so butt hurt about it with your smart ass reply.

haha... wow big pun suddenly got riled up with this for whatever reason. so i guess i'll reiterate: "but you're right let me gain more game knowledge before i begin my guild. thanks!" not sure how much more clear i can be with that. but if for some reason you've been offended in some way, i apologize. you even went to the trouble of finding another thread and TTT-ing it. you must really be pissed off or something.

incidentally, i have no experience starting a guild, i suppose starting one is a way to learn more about the game so i'm sort of following your suggestion there. also, my reasons for creatign a guild have nothign to do with leading a grand bunch of people. i don't often play warcraft because i have other thigns to do. the reasons for creating a guild are between me and 3 or 4 friends of mine who are all comign in together. i apologize for somehow challenging your warcraft supremacy.

"It wasn't an insult at the time, but now it is since you got so butt hurt ..."

wow, you really felt compelled to tell me how i felt! so much so that you lowered yourself into intentionally insulting me. i didn't even know that i was "butt hurt" (not really sure what that means) so thanks for alerting me to that. well i guess i'll apologize again for trying to learn the game and asking the OG questions on it. i'm not positive (apparently i have short term memory) but i think on some threads you have been very helpful so to see you this enraged is saddening to me. i guess i can expect to not have you post any more helpful stuff on any questions i have. i understand. thanks for any past help.

haha, hey wedge, thanks for your helpful posts. much appreciated. i'm just saying: damn, i guess bigpun got really threatened somehow. not sure why he would bother with such an outburst for a peon, a non-genius on warcraft, like me. i guess newbs threaten him somehow. also, he mistakenly makes the assumption that i want to create a guild in order to somehow lead a group

"Either way, lead if you want..."

"...learn wow better before you seek to lead."

i never said i wanted to lead a group. all i wanted to do was learn how to create a guild and they are for reasons that are between me and my friends. haha, i have no desire at the moment to lead. perhaps whatever aspirations he may have for himself he mistakenly projected onto me. i may be wrong. it's just conjecture. anyway, once again i apologize for somehow being a threat to bugpun's psyche.

edited for spelling since i am a dumbass and can't spell properly.

the sarcasm in your response was not lost on me. I figured you wanted to play the smart ass, so you get the smart ass answer. And yeah it is me that's riled up, that's why it took me 3 posts of replies to make some weak ass retort. Want to play the cut and paste game?

"I didn't want to lead.."

"so i'd like to create a guild for my alliance alt on another server"

I'm off to barrens chat, I will be back to this thread tomorrow.



wow, your assumptions are staggering. and the way you choose to respond tells me i'm dealing with a small mind. ok, i cede and will once again reiterate:


i hope that soothes your concerns about who is boss in the game. so there is no mistake i'd also like to say that you are a world class fighter and could whoop me anywhere, anytime and are 1000 times brighter than me in all intellectual endeavors and you can pull hot supermodels all over the place while i am still a virgin and can't even pay a whore to sleep with me. there, not sure how i can reassure you of your alpha-male status more than that.

you are not tard charger material. Please ban yourself from the OG. If you thought this was playing tough, you aren't going to last 30 minutes in guild chat. SteveW eats softies like you for breakfast

Big @ you. You suck at life. (and at the cut & paste retort)

"...I will be back to this thread tomorrow."

well so much for waiting until the next day. you resisted for a whole 2 plus hours. i point out your incorrect assumptions and all you can do is suggest i leave the OG and ban myself then perpetuate your assumption that my intent at creating a guild is because i want to lead it? hahaha! also your attempts at bringing in SteveW's leadership abilities have nothing to do with why i want to create a guild on a different server. SteveW has been great at giving me suggestions on here and also in the game. do you bring his name up to try and garner some kind of social support for your dwindling attempts at a solid argument on this thread, a typical last resort of the poorly-supported logic of a bully?

oh well, lol at liking chicken and fish - ok, i'm with you Homie, you're right. your approach is more correct than anything i've posted.

hey SteveW, sorry, i have no idea why your name was brought up to begin with. also, my main is on another sever and an alt is the one with the tard chargers. i don't play the alt that much compared to you guys but in three years when i'm up to level 60 (err 70, by that time?) on this tard charger alt i'll be able to help you guys out. cheers!

I haven't even begun to bully you. Just stating the obvious. You can't take the trolling and some shit talk. The guys like you who use words like "perpetuate your assumption" while having an argument on the interent with a known troll are always the best. For the sake of the OG I will leave you alone. But for the record I believe you belong in barrens chat, not on the OG. I said Steve's name because he is the most brutal in guild chat with the shit talk. It's just funny as fuck when he goes off on a tear. I just don't think you have the mental capacity to take the tard chargers for what they are without perpetuating some assumptions and breaking it down. In the game of life there are OG and there are non-OG and you're about as non-OG as they come. Take the shit talk and talk it back. There are no apologies, there is no breaking it down and trying to make sense of it. Let me try and clarify for your overanalytical brain. I'm talking shit because I can, and you're easy.

since you are now relegated to using ideas and words and expressions intended only to incite, i laugh at you. are your base attempts at analyzing your actions now saitiated?. or do you suffer from a certain ambivalence where you want to acquiesce to ceasing the encounter while having a need to perpetuate conflict?

i suppose either way i'm posting to a child so i'll bring the discussion to a close by saying simply this:
"i like chicken."

i'm sure you'll feel compelled to get in the last word so post away!

hey wedge,

not yet. last night my brother and friend and i played on frostwolf. he's in chicago now and my friend is at her own place and we use warcraft to be able to "hang out" despite distance. also, most of my evenings are spent climbing, rolling, or doing other things and warcraft is only a peripheral activity. but when next i log on to the other server i'll try it out, i got some good ideas on here from helpful people. i really appreicate it.

Your posts are like elevators in outhouses, thus proving my point even further. Maybe you want to go wax intellectual at the forums or something. They all sounded just about like that before the donkey punch invasion. I'm starting to like you better than the Rickson threads on the UG Phrancis. And as long as you want to "perpetuate" (see, I'm learnin) the image of a well spoken/posted person, at least fucking do it right.

"i'm sure you'll feel compelled to get in the last word so post away"

Contractions are a crutch of the weak minded.

"since you are now relegated to using ideas and words and expressions intended only to incite"

Are you calling me a troll sir? Watch your mouth you call me a troll. Do you think I would sit on here and respond just to incite anger in others? Very insulting.