Wow - Credeur was Composed

He was getting handled there and turned it around...

Yeah, Cramer looked pretty good, i was impressed even though he lost. With Credeur it's just a matter of time before you make a mistake and get tapped.

Credeur has skills.

I know I suck I am working on it.

Tim Credeur

Timothy_Credeur - I know I suck I am working on it.

Tim Credeur


nah ur a badass lol u were my pick fromt he beginning hopefully you wont be my 1st wrong call on tuf

didn't expect the kid to come on like that, no worries. you recovered and had him literally trying to climb out of the cage w that heel hook. solid win, just not the way you wanted-MM

Veteran smarts. Always a factor when you have experience.

 Tim has all the qualities of a guy who could be a top fighter one day. First, he kept his composure while Cramer threw everything he had at him, weathered the storm, and thenlet his technique take over. Second, after the fight he recognized right away where he needs improvement, and I'm sure he'll be better prepared in his next fight.

 A lot of people were questioning Tim's heart after his fight with Sonnen. After his last 2 TUF fights I think their questions have been answered, Tim is tough as nails and now that he's been training full time with Forrest I bet we're gonna see the best Crazy Tim ever at the TUF finale.

Timothy_Credeur - I know I suck I am working on it.

Tim Credeur

lol good job bro!

I like him and would pay to watch him fight.

Credeur is the man. I picked him in the very first episodes to win the show

I hope either him or Amir takes it.

Admittedly his one weakness= His admiration for Cramer's handsomeness. If Arona sat cageside, I don't think he makes it past a round.

Tim's gonna submit everyone he fights on the way to that contract. Think about that for a second, has anyone on TUF ever submitted every opponent they faced during the show? Tim has a damn good chance.