wow for once smart marketing by MS

i have to say that is some very good marketing by microsoft. i know sony has the exclusive marketing rights on destiny, but this is well done.

now if only microsoft can come up with some genius and creative games and innovating consoles,instead copying everybody else and buy of exclusives from third party left and right.

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Well at least they are actually doing some marketing unlike in most of their tier 2 countries. How do they expect to sell consoles if people don't even know the console has launched in their country?

i think Microsoft just give up in those countries. because either people have imported it from germany for example or UK. and others just have bought a ps4.

i wonder though how the launch of xbox one will go over in china. the movie business in china is booming over there. Transformers sold most tickets over there then USA.

so who knows. maybe xbox one coul dbe darkhorse ove rthere. market is big. although i read that they are only allowed to sell xbox one in shanghai.

I don't think China is as big a market for consoles as people think it will be. The price for the One is $600 in China and I saw that one of the largest online retailers for China only had around 16k pre-orders and the release is like 2 weeks away.

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I'd be salty also if I was MS. Getting dominates and getting a sweet taste of their own medicine. Phone Post 3.0

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I just realized something. Doesn't MS show clips of Destiny in their E3 trailer and in their best online community commercials? So are they allowed to show clips or the name of the game but not both at the same time?

They are focusing on saying "HEY GUYS, TOMB RAIDER AMIRITE?!" Phone Post 3.0