WOW Hughes vs Shogun!!!!

Hughes blogged on his website that he is moving to 205 to fight Shogun in June! Thoughts on this shocker?

sad, just sad!

It's on his site. Did I get april fooled?

World Of Warcraft Hughes vs. Shogun is what he meant.

its too obvious, like calling your mom and telling her you're dead, doesnt work.

someone should put you out of your miseray and ban you--- seriously....

WTF? with all the hate. Go to

If this was Matt's joke then I missed it and I bit on it. I am in Iraq right now so I might not exactly be up on things. I wasn't even thinking about April Fools Day!

well, it is on his  but i smell april BS

Yeah I wasn't even thinking about it but it does seem like something he would do. Maybe I should have expected joke when he said he was asking Dana for a title shot if he won. Calling for me to get banned was a little much though.


internet misery- internet misery- it's only the internet

Dude- I thought that was your lame ass attempt at an April Fools joke-  my bad

" its too obvious, like calling your mom and telling her you're dead, doesnt work. "

Hahahaha thats a good one.

:: Mom ::

:: Timmy ::
Timmy is dead!

:: Mom ::
Shut the fuck up Timmy! Dinner is ready, get in the house.

No worries man, not a big deal. I just still want to know if it's Hughes idea of a joke.

Jay-dog .... Time to get a new SN. You've already shamed and dishonored this one.

LilBrock,I agree that Hughes wants no part of Rampage,cuz Rampage does a lot of...

Showboating.Hughes dont like it,and he's glad Rampage aint on his team.


seriously. Its gonna be a battle of the titans. I cant wait to see this..

Hughes at 205? Hahaha. Maybe it was a April fools joke.

After he saw the way Shogun looked against Forest I guess he thinks he has a better chance.

Think I would take Shogun if that fight happens.

He walks at around 185-190, most 205 pounders walk at 220-225. He would need to bulk up too much, not happening..

 It's a joke. If Shogun was able to fight in June, he would be fighting Chuck like originally scheduled. But Shogun won't be okay by June. He just had another ACL replacement. He won't be able to fight until August/September.