Wow I finally got it......

THE X-MAS SPIRIT, I to would like to say Merry X-mas to all at Joslin's, like wiley said you could not ask for a better bunch to train with.



All we need is some snowfall. This weather so far seems to be a bust as far as snow is concerned. Instead of getting my board waxed, I am thinking of re-opening the pool since its been so warm.

Anyways Happy Holidays C'YA over the holidays for some training I hope.

Who knows I may be just have to do the Polar Bear dip again if I am dared to. I'll make a copy of our swim last year over the holidays for you, I totally forgot to make a copy for you.


Merry Xmas you Old Fart! Open your guard up and best wishes for the holidays to you and yours!

Dave, did you ask Santa for some leg strength for Christmas?

Rick the next time your in my guard I'm going to squeeze you until you turn the colour of your belt.

Them there's fighting words!!!!

I'm all gitty inside now, I can't wait until I see this.

Big Dave, Have a great Xmas with your family and hope to see you in the new year!!!



Yes big things to come in 2004!!!!!!

Dave is the only man who gets a thigh master for christmas and is happy!

Hi Vince thank you very much and the same to you, and I will get down to see you guy's in the new year.

Rowan I did ask Santa for a thigh master for X-mas so I could give it to Rick.

oh...when i read the title i thought had just got your senior citizen's discount card....i guess you already have one

my bad.

SEXY P I thought you loved me!

Loved you, you're a day late. Christmas is done and the love is gone.

Merry Christmas Dave!