WOW MMA front page news

last night's Rumble in the Rockies event made front page of the Greeley Tribune (a small paper but I believe the 4th largest in Colorado behind the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, and Boulder Daily Camera) even trumping the playoff coverage of the Denver Broncos. A positive story in the sports section that covered two pages (all beit short and uninsightful.) Also two large photos on the frong page of sports.

apparently the show was called King of the Rockies, my bad


very cool

go to their web site and vote

I think i gave the wrong link

Greeley is not the 4th largest paper in Colorado, but it's good to see them covering MMA none the less. They are probably in the top ten in circulation and it is a good paper that serves the community up there well. They take a lot of chances on unorthodox stories. The cool thing is that they acknowledged MMA as a sport by covering it in the sports section (lots of papers will do it in features or the life sections because the sports department is close minded, and that's where you usually get the "human cockfighting" and "bloodsport" headlines). Check out the "Write the Editor" link in the first column on the front page and let them how much you appreciate the coverage: GREELEY TRIBFollow the guidlines they give (less than 300 words + daytime phone for verification) and they will likely publish your letter.Peter Lockley


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thanks, Sven

Seriously everyone, keep this thread up and send some
feedback to the Greeley Tribune. Hearing from readers is a
big deal for a paper that size and could make a big difference
in whether they decide to cover the next event.


Exposure like this is great! Everyone E-Mail these people.


did you read that shit?? they said the crowd of 1000 people was the largest crowd ever in colorado for a fight!! lol


Yeah, the facts are way off, but at least they're trying :)

the facts are off on many points, attendance #'s, ROF Champions etc.

but as Peter said, let them know you support the sport!!