WoW: moving character to Frostwolf

i already have a level 23 hunter on Bonechewer and want to move him to Frostwolf. how can i do this? is it even possible?

Not possible at the moment, but not even worth it really. I wouldnt move any char that was below 40 anyway.

Getting to 25 the second time around is much easier too and you'll not be likely to make the same mistakes as you did the first time around.

Just create a new one on Frostwolf and within two weeks you'll forget you even have a char on Bonesmoker.

i thought i saw somewhere where moving a char is possible. just can't find it now. i guess i'm wrong?

you're wrong. You can only do realm transfers from populated servers to other servers picked by Blizzard. You can't just go from one server to another of your choosing

thanks big pun, can you elaborate on this? is there a reference guide that shows which realms are "moveable" out of or into?

they just announce them at random. Basically they allow you to move from populated to unpopulated servers. And Blizz has been "working on" realm to realm transfers forever, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Plus it takes like 3 days to get lvl 23 back now that you knwo what you are doing.

are these "announcements" done on their website like in the latest news section? or is there a specific section for it that i should be looking for? thanks!

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lol @ Bonesmoker.