Wow! New PS5 exclusive Returnal looks insane !

Good lord. Are these devolopers, game fans or a pic from a tranny convention? This is disturbing.

I think it’s speed runners. Tranny percentage there is off the charts.
If you have a geeky daughter and she’s starting to practice blasting through the first level of game you have good reasons to be concerned. The most important thing would be to not let her “connect” to a speed runner “community”. It will be full of perverts and groomers.

I’d say all but three-four are virgins.

Wait. People actually have PS5’s!!!

I honestly don’t care what someone looks like or what their interests are if they make a good product. Are these the people that supposedly made Returnal? Who gives a shit whether a man or a woman is the main character in a game, if that game is fun.
Still haven’t bought this yet, I want to finish Control before I buy anything else. Watched a few vids on YT though and it looks fun as fuck

Speedrunners.Goes without sayin.

Xbox destroyed PlayStation this gen, in both console exclusives and console hardware. Enjoy your grappling hook game, lol, maybe you’ll even get an Uncharted 17, or Trans Lesbian Zombie Game 3.

Are you 12?

What is the grappling hook game?
Also, are you 12?

Enjoy Halo 14 , Forza 12, and Gears 16?

Am I doing this right?

Are there even any other Xbox exclusives more than 25 people would know about? lol