WOW on KJ..

I have an 80 DK on alliance side, in a meh guild atm I saw a lot of folks from here playing there..

My biggest hangup is that raiding before 8pm (pacific) conflicts with the wife/dinnertime .. wouldn't mind getting into some arena work.

Anyone playing there (either side I can faction jump) has a late-ish playing guild?

 I'm game to join your guild when I'm good enough, but I'm in Hong Kong and would want to play about 11am ish your time. 

do eeeet!!!


there really isnt a gamerground guild on KJ. Billyzane, Ryphunie and myself play on there. I got a 80 DK and 80 priest, Billy has a 80 Warrior, 72 DK and 65 Hunter and Ry has a 40 priest and a 40 pally. Your welcome to join us I am not even in a guild myself and usually just try to get into pugs for raids and heroics.

what happen to homie?(bugar)

bugar is there. he's alliance now.

Yea im in KJ, you should come over. its nice having you guys on my friends list to chat and run some things. (even though Im just a 40) lol.

As for guilds. I just joined Nerf Bat Inc. and they have about 280 members, so far good people and from what I can tell from guild chat are very active at all times.

I know IRON is a top raiding guild, but it looks like a pain in the ass joining process. You have ot be really dedicated.

 I used to run with the guys in Roadrunners guild in TBC before they broke up with Black Daggers. They are very good if you want a PvE guild.

 Could I switch my ally realm from Saurfang to KJ?  My hunter's almost 60 and I'm very partial to keeping him.

u can switch any aspect of wow now. they just cost some money.

server transfer= $25
faction change= $35
race change= $25
character customization= $15
name change= $10

faction change, race change and character customize come with an optional name change as well.