Wow Philly

Haven't paid too much attention but i just gotta point out that it's impressive that they've only lost 3 games so far this year.They've only come out of TWO games without at least a point too.Even if they are in the sadass-weak East, they're still sporting an impressive record.Tied with Vancouver for the league lead atm too.

ass to mouth?


Is that some creepy Michigan saying?

i belive Nacho Vidal leads in that catagory


sucks they lost tonight with me in attendence.. good game but shitty score

Yeah, but the East is like the Soecial Olympics of the NHL.

LOL @ the maple leafs.


Cmon... Flyers rule the league

Flyers are doing great.. will be nice to finally see a couple of good games back 2 back on Jan. 16 and 17 when the two top teams in the league meet.

billid is correct.

Oh yeah, LOL @ Tweedle Tard and Tweedle Tarder. :)


go Flyers

LOL@that pic!

great pic