WOW question....

My warrior dude just reached level 20....a buddy of mine who I go online with sent me a shit load of stuff to help my character out. The second I equip myself with everything BANG! The comp shuts off and I can't turn it back on or reset it (but the "on light" is still on). I thought at first it was a poweroutage-but it wasn't. I had to hit the reset button on my powerbar to get it going again.

I scanned my comp for virus' and adware and I was clean. Logged back on and now my character is erased!

I tried one of my other characters in another realm (a level 5 warlock) and he works fine.

This all happened once before right after I dl'ed the big update and redistributed all my talents. But I was able to log back on again.

If I can't retrieve my lvl 20 methinks I'm gonna just quit.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening beofre??? Thnx in advance!

Hmm... The character information is stored on Blizzard's servers, so unless you click "delete character" you should be good to go. I'd try logging in again, and if he's still disappeared, e-mail Blizzard customer support. There's weird things happening in the wake up the most recent patch.

Thnx man! I will.

Haru doesn't give up that easy. Lvl 20 is a few hours of playtime. Pull up your panties and grab your balls mighty haru.

  • Hockeyfighter

email blizzard. the character is stored on their server. if its gone, it will be easy to get back

Tried it today and it works fine! HARU LIVES!!!!!!!!

"ever had a problem with your pc running hot?"

-I don't think so. I have done some upgrades tho (new motherboard and a new vid card). I don't think they put any new fans in there to cool it down if that's even what they do. (ol' Haru don't know too much about computers tho!!)

"Haru doesn't give up that easy. Lvl 20 is a few hours of playtime. Pull up your panties and grab your balls mighty haru.

- Hockeyfighter "

Holy hell! HOCKEYFIGHTER?  How are ya dude? Long time no see/read . It took the Mighty One over a month to get to this level. Mind you Haru usually only gets a chance to play Saturday mornings and the odd weekday evening. Haru has a house/wife/baby/dog combo going on so time is a bit scarce for this old bastid.

Why aren't you on frostwolf?

Frostwolf  huh?    I actually have a human warlock on that server. Only lvl 5 tho.   Do you guys have a guild at all?

Nice. Count Haru in!!

i just started a druid on frostwold...hackney invited me..

Steve W: I tried to play a bit last night and the comp blew up again. I felt the side of the tower when it happened and it was VERY hot. Is that what you meant when you said "running your pc hot"?  Is WOW too much for my computer? Do I send it in so they can install more fans and such? Enquiring Haru's want to know!

I have an Intel Celeron "D" processor 2.5gigs. 512megs of ram and a 256 meg vid card.

Thnx again for everyone's input.

Celeron processors are not meant to run games unfortunatly. and 512 mb of ram is enough but u should really upgrade to 1gb of ram. it should be enough but that processor may give u trouble.

I'll definitely try with the sides off.  I will try upgrading to 1gig of ram probably after Christmas.

BAH! It happened again today!  I usually don't get a chance to play for more than 20 mins - 30 mins at a shot...but this afternoon I played for over an hour and BLAMMO!  Again.



FUCK CELERON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!