Wow, Starcraft 2 ending sucked - spoilers

Ok, I sucked at that game. Being afraid of the skies being overrun with Zerg, I took out their air defense in the mission before.

Then on to the final mission. I was playing it on normal, and fuck that was hard. I tried building perdition turrets, then bunkers, then tanks, then walls of supply depots and any place they could go. I scattered missil launchers around, too. I think used hellions outside the bunkers. Banshees were used to go after worms.

After 5 tries I flew right through it.

Only to be greeting by that crap ending. I realize there are two other endings BUT WHAT THE CHRIST?!

i liked the ending. i wish it was a bit longer but I guess they want to leave you hanging. i like how jim capped old tycus with his 6-shooter. the last few cutscenes were awesome leading up to the final mission as well.

and i dont think there is 2 other endings. if you mean because of 3 choices in the game, they don't effect the final ending at all.

and yeah. All In was hard as heck. Took me 3 times. I used tons of siege tanks and marines while walling off my base with constant supply depots (i had the tech for instant depots). I used Banshees to take out the Nydus worms.

i then went back and did each mission i didnt do (3 choices, i made a save at each choice) so I could get the campaign ace and Warfields portrait.

Yea, not mutliple endings for this campaign, just that there are two other releases coming out for them to "fix" this for me.

Gotcha. 1000 apologies.

they say each chapter is gonna be 18 months apart. :( Phone Post

fuck that, I think I'm done with this game lol

join the GG SC2 tourney invalid. :)

you actually bought the game just for the campaign and are quitting because of the ending?

multiplayer has always been the backbone of starcraft. the campaigns, while great are typically secondary. and even so, with whatever you think of the ending, the new mission styles and the mercenaries/upgrades/research is pretty sweet additions... not to mention there were WAY more cutscenes, bonus side story if you chat with everyone (putting it past "extra" content in the original sc campaign for all 3 races)

I played this on a friends computer. I'm pretty much done.

 I disown the campaign. StarCraft 2's single player never happened.

cries they're ruining my childhood, man. They turned an epic sci-fi into a 13-year-old's wet dream cheesefest. I knew it was going to be retarded from the first mission. Heads need to roll in Blizzard's writing department.

This game has now consumed my life (multiplayer).

A friend of mine cranked the original SC back in the day and got me into this one a few weeks back. It's now nightly 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 carnage.

Steep learning curve, but I'm getting there. I've missed solid RTS games - I quit after the original C&C series / Dune 2000.

I'm guessing you didn't choose the psi emitter that slows down the zerg, then? Best choice I made in the game and I put them up all over the place. Combined with a good mix of siege, turrets, and bunkers, the second run at it was super easy.

I had done the mission to take out the air attacks previously, so Nydus Canals were the only worry. Keeping a strong force in the center downed every damn Nydus in my base and I used 3 battle cruiers, combined with banshees to take out outlying Canals.

Overall, second run was super simple, just keep pumping out units and kicking ass.

Nah, I choose the Mind Control beause I thought it'd be sweet. Waste of tech, that.


My nephew did the same, he's going to suffer greatly. Hahaha.

greatest tech ever are those instant supply depots. i had like 12 depots at each choke point.

fuck yea. second only to the auto vespane plants.

let me rephrase that, the auto vespane is the second best thing.

third thing is the jorts

yeah the auto vespene gas plants are great. saves you big time in the later missions.

the greatest tech in Campaign is by far Immortal Protocol for those Thors. Thors that repair themselves almost instantly? gg.

The greatest defense is a great offense btw.

I beat All In normal on the first try using siege tanks and banshees.

I can not get the award for "Only use the crystal once on Hard"

Actually I can't beat All In on hard

ANYWAY - I'm addicted to this game