Wow! Steam preloading CS:CZ

very interesting

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is being preloaded for Steam users regardless of if they have pre-ordered or plan to buy. There is an option to disable pre-loading. This is such a great idea for games to be released through steam.

If the game is preloaded it is unlocked immediately once it is bought or released if you pre-ordered.

Not sure yet if I'm going to shell out $30 for the pre-order but I'm sure as hell preloading as I post :)

lol I think Valve missed the boat on Condition Zero by like, 2 years.

Lol run this by me again - they download the game onto your hard-drive where it is left sitting and taking up disk space but you can't actually play it?

Unless you buy it I think.

No way am I paying for condition zero

What?? That's crazy if Tsuneo is correct.

The game sucks anyways, from everything I hear.

Not sure Tsuneo... I manually started the preload process. I believe I read that it will preload automatically unless preload is disabled. It jumped up to 75% immediately... i guess because I already had many of the necessary files... so the actual file size may not be very large. Downloading has been slow but once it is down I'll check the size.

"lol I think Valve missed the boat on Condition Zero by like, 2 years"

I've heard that if they sell their product through Steam the profit is around 300% larger than through stores. That is one theory as to why CZ was delayed so much.... delays getting product sales/delivery through Steam ready.

They must be making some serious profit with Steam, considering how much they've perservered with it - even though its so crap.