Wow strong words from Mirko

Cro Cop is saying he's going to make Fuji TV regret their decision by putting on a great show with Yoshida that will rival the World Cup? WTF is he going to do, perform moonsaults into RNCs or something?

Anyway sounds like it should be a good fight. I'm still a little tentative about this though...Does anyone else feel that these new troubles will push further works into place? You know, basically generated storylines to create public appeal? I don't want this turning more into pro wrestling than some people already look at it as.


...And that's what I'm saying PP. With these troubles, one might think they might go overboard with trying to retain public appeal. I don't mean storylines in the sense you think I do, maybe I worded it wrong, but I'm saying it's possible they could throw more works out there to try to generate interest.

lol? Read the fucking post again kids. Or go post in another 'Bruce Lee vs. Matt Hughes' thread.

Yes to both.

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link?, second story down.


LOL smi7h yeah really, he probably did a double take when he heard that.


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info yeah I agree about him not being the deciding factor in swaying network decisions, but I guess I think it's good that he's willing to put his words and his reputation out there for his company.

I guess...