WOW these are amazing UFC 100 Predictions

UFC 100 predictions

UFC 100 Predictions (also free pie)

UFC 100 predictions

UFC 100 predictions

UFC 100 predictions part 1

UFC 100 predictions part 2

UFC 100 Predictions


Best video is the third video....

"I train jiu jitsu in my spare time... sooo.... y'know I'm still getting subbed after like 6 months."

Also in the (same) third video... his girlfriend or sister or at least some random is getting changed or something, you can watch her in the mirror, pretty strange, might want to work on when he films these things... or just stop doing them all together, maybe work on his jiu jitsu, I heard you usually stop getting subbed after about 8 months.

 You know what is funny?

Start all the clips at once and listen.

I bet that is what the UG would sound like if they ever met.

That third guy's room is a disaster.

Dude. Clean up after yourself.

Jesus, why don't people at least clean their house before posting shitty videos of themselves on the internet??!!? That couple in the 3rd video need to spend less time on the internet and more time with a vacuum and laundry machine.