WOW!! What an escape!

I thought he was done.

me too. great job

me too

That was awesome. Lutter looks gassed now.


 That was freakin' close....

amazing he didn't pop something.

man people forgot how good ACE is just because he lost to Silva two times.

Lutter's gassed

made me look stupid...i thought he was done for sure.

A little bit of an early stoppage, but that fight was over regardless.

rockyboy - man people forgot how good ACE is just because he lost to Silva two times.

In spite of his win, I didn't think Rich looked that great (other then the jiu jitsu). He looked tired, and wasn't able to get the KO even though Lutter was gassed and had his hands down. He's def. not the same guy that he used to be.

Looked like Franklin was done, great job escaping!!

Lutter crossed his feet the wrong way, gave him all the space in the world to escape. Good job on Rich's part to escape quickly before Lutter fixed his mistake.

honestly I would have tapped to that that. props to Franklin that was sweet

Franklin did look a little gassed

I'll have to look at that SNewbie.

  I thought he was done.

his shoulder rotated like 200 degrees, it was crazy I thought he must have tore something but then he kept throwing with it, very nice

I can't really go back (no DVR) but I'm pretty sure it's the same escape Mayhem used on GSP. Essentially, you give them the arm and while they sit back to finish, you roll on your head and come up on top. Two gambles with this escape: the arm is too tight and the escape doesn't work, now your arm is extended and basically done. Luckily, Lutter crossed the wrong way. Two: as you come up you get triangled, which almost happened. I often use this to set up the triangle, as my armbars suck.