WPT Hostesses

Courtney Friehl sucks ass. I miss Shana Hiatt.

me too

me too

the new chick is hot though, just not as lively

I wouldn't even say Courtney is hot. She's shorter, thicker, and has smaller breasts than Shana, in addition to being boring as hell. Shana was better in every way.

Shana has a cuter face, nicer tits, and a better body overall.

More personality in her interviews, too.

Shawn C has motorboated the correct's nice jubblies.

yes Shana was infinitely more entertaining with her hard hitting questions

"so how'd it go out there?"

"so how'd it go out there?"

"so how'd it go out there?"

no matter what would happen to knock a player out her question would always be the same

Thats the great thing about Courtney she either is enough of a fan to actually watch and understand the action or takes her job seriously.



Pics dammit!!!!


courtney licks bag but in a bad way not a good way like Shana and her fakies!

Someone has to save this thread:


I don't know what you guys are talking about. I just saw Courtney last night on TV...she is the uber-cute.

The entire appeal of Shawna Hiatt was that she seemed like the girl next door type...not an easy thing to find these days. Hiatt was kind of dopey at times, but at least she seemed real and sincere, not a fake facade for the camera.

Since when is havin small breast & having a curvy body (being "thick") a bad thing???? Courtney is not thick by any means anyways! Shana is beautiful & has an amazing body but Courtney far from NOT being hot. You guys are so out of control regarding girl.

Courtney is hot, but I like Shana better.

Part of it is the familiarity of Shana. It's like missing a friend. I'd be irritated if they replaced Mike Sexton, too.

shana's done a softcore porn vid for playboy

The hell you say!

Someone needs to post a link.

I had that vid on my computer before the ill fated format of 2005.

Some guy was squeezing the hell out of those boobs in the vid.

Oh man...the lucky bastid!