WR Josh Gordon files for NFL reinstatement from indefinite suspension, AGAIN

I think he stays clean this time…


Man, i feel for the guy, but he fucked up numerous times. Taking him back in to the league sends the wrong message

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He might be gifted, but this isn’t even about playing football anymore. This is about making as much money as he can before he gets busted for drug use, so he can afford to use drugs. Reinstating him is essentially guaranteeing profits to Gordon’s drug dealers.

What drugs does he keep using?

It says performance enhancing so steroids maybe?

If I recall correctly it was always pot. Dude just can’t stay off of it.

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i want to say alcohol is also involved.

Well third time’s the cha…

Err…fourth time’s the char…

Wait, how many times is it now?

You’re right. I completely forgot about the GQ interview, he said he’d take shots before games to warmup, and he’d get blackout drunk and show up late and hungover to team meetings, stuff like that. He said it started in Jr. High. Dude is just an addict. Shame.