WR4 Card OZ's best ever ?

Sorry folks I was that excited I put WR4 instead of 3 as the title.

Just been told that WR 3 may have some of the best fights ever in Australia. Heres a few that will wet your appetite-

Warriors Realm Australian Welterweight Title- Kyle"KO Noke V Luke Pezutti.

Adrian "The Hunter" Pang V Japanese International.

Roberto "Spider" Traven V Japanese International.

The event will be held in Brisbane and is looking to be potentially the biggest show in Queensland thus far. Train hard everyone and I'll see you there.

Do you have a date for the show ?

No, I'm not asking you out Tony !! Just trying to decide which of the myriad of Qld shows to attend (sucked in Keats !!)



Thats just plain mean Tank ;(


The talk is March 12. And I don't have a date for the show.....

Warriors Realm Australian Welterweight Title- Kyle"KO Noke V Luke Pezutti.

Wow what excellent matchmaking, who would have thought of elevating a kid like NOKE to fight PEZZUTTI.

People wonder why I look towards contractually locking fighters up.

I'm outta this thread, I guess that immitation is the greatest form of flattery.


Thanks Krakkerz, and you're a handsome man and all, but I prefer my dates to be no bigger then welterweights !



PS: Unless you're paying for tickets, in which case maybe we can work something out...

this card will be hard to top!

shits all over kotc imo!!!!!!

(i wonder why no one is following xfc's example of having a david v goliath match?)

At least if he was a cop he might be able to understand why everyone hated him so much ;)

Anyway back onto the subject...This looks to be the best card for this coming year so far by a long way.

So we have NOKE v PEZZUTTI and PANG and TRAVEN v TBA and it looks to be the best card ..... A little premature don't you think?

I am privvy to 9 of KOTC'S matches and it is a great card!


"This looks to be the best card for this coming year so far by a long way"

Could that be because it's only the second card for the year to be announced so far ?

I like the move to Brisbane, I should be able to attend this show. Tony, who is the best person to contact regarding tickets when the time comes ?

Also, Keats, just in case I haven't mentioned it, damn it's good to live in Qld;

"Beautiful one day, an MMA show the next !!"



I hate you Tank :)

Thats great justin then maybe you can attened the fights by yourself :)

Contact Shane Balmer- http://www.warriorsrealmrealityfighting.com/index.php

See you all there.

yay...!! warriors realm...!!
shane, your shows rock, man...!!

some people make me sick, Many fighters here fought for XFC,many people here went to the show and had a good time, Like Justin L or not should not matter, supporting the Event Does.
Its great that theres lots of new shows, this tells us MMA is Growing and that Fighters have more to look forward to.
I personaly know Justin Lawrence, Never had any problems with him and would count him a mate, even if some of the things he's said, i dont agree with,and will look forward to fighting on an XFC card this year.

Thanks for the props Frank, looking forward to having you onboard in our 65kg division in April.



Anyway TTT for the WR card


Not everyone can support every show, I think it will come down to the fact most people can't afford to go to every show. Some people don't like a promotor so with all the shows they do not have to go and support that person, that is the great thing about freedom of choice.

If you have 6 shows in South East QLD, most most will run 3 or 4 shows a year. Basic ticket you are looking at $40(not sure exactly). 6x4=24 24x40=$960 to go to all shows. how many of you have a spare $960 to go to shows???

Most people will decide on which show has the fighters they like, a good atmosphere and a reasonable price. whether it be XFC, Warriors realm, Spartan or KOTC what ever you will end up with loyal fans who will only go to a particluar show becasue they know they get what they want and see the fighters they want to see. It is not easy to promote a show now with the talent spread thin, but every show has chosen to be in South East QLD so they have to live with the fact it is turning into a fans market, they will pick and chose who they want to see fight.

Sounds like a great card so far, i hope to be able to make it over for one of the warriors realm shows this year.

Thing is, you dont go to a show to see the Promoter,do you??
And my other point was that 99% of the fighters that are featuring on other cards Fought for XFC.

"Most people will decide on which show has the fighters they like, a good atmosphere and a reasonable price".

Only the Hardcore fans are going to the show, to see there fav fighter., mma is not even 5% as popular as kickboxing, most fightfans wouldnt know Adrian pang from a bar of soap.

The majority of people who attend mma events still think the Gracies are best etc and just want to see blood, and have no idea of whats going on in the ring, as i said unless that fan follows MMA.
More shows and competition can only lead to better productions and Aussie fighters fighting more and becoming accomplished.

Soldier, the facts are Justin is XFC as Shane is WR, Kezza & David are Spartan and JD & Larry are Shoto. Same as Gerald Havey is Harey Norman and Pratt is Visy Board.

Soldier lets say there business man in your town who you don't like and there are another 2 in the same industry who you do like. Do you still do business with the one you don't like as he has workers who might be top guys?
Most people will take their business to the person they feel comftable with (and generally this is the owner (promoter) of the company not the workers (fighters)).

Facts are in QLD you have 3 or 4 shows ( well so Tank keeps telling me) to chose from so people can have a choice of who they give their money to. Different staory in Melb. Id you didn't like JD or Larry then you would have to decide if you liked MMA or the promoter more and make your mind up from there.

Also you have to relise the shows end up so close together so this might mean the partons have to chose so I would have thought a promoter they like or hate could help make this choice for them.

You also go on about how some people make you sick because they have said that they won't attend XFC because of Justin, then go on to say only hardcore fans go to watch their fav fighters as most have no idea who is who. So would have thought you and Justin have nothing to worry about because if only hardcore fans know the fighters I would have thought only the hard core fans would know who Justin (or anyother promoter) was. Lets say 75% of hardcore fans don't like him and 15% do from what your saying 75% of hardcore fans makes up sweet fuck all of the fans atteneding any promotion.

So since it is such a small number you don't have to be sick anymore and you can get on with being well again.


Dr Keats.

P.s because I like you there is no charge for me helping you getting over being sick.

P.s.s wish I could find a Dr as generous as me ;)


Just out of curiousity, are you a fan of Solak or King as promoters and
do you ever attend/watch their shows if there is a big match up on or
do you boycott due to the behaviour/reputation of the promoter.

I think like many of you, a lot of the things Justin says and does rubs
me up the wrong way. I do thin though it's just getting to the point that
if Justin was to say the Sky is blue, we would all jump down his throat
and say it's red.

A lot of the Bonello stuff and the allegations of works and other antic
are worrying, however the limited footage of the XFC event I have seen,
shows them to be highly professional, surely that is a good thing for
our little sport.

Having said all the above, I think despite what Justin has said in the
past regarding the Internet Fan base being insignificant, it never hurts
for any organization/promotion, to create raving fans out of everyone
it comes in contact with.