Wrap it up, stds out of control, apparently

It can also cause a form of throat cancer that is brutal if you go down on a chick with it. Most providers will only give the vaccine to very young people as they assume most adults have already been exposed.


We need to hear some facts on std’s from the good @mataleo1 !

I haven’t had this problem at all but Im picky with the women. Its crazy though, even if they’re clean/it smells great they still want to jump on with no rubber


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Who knew that years of promoting promiscuity and homosexuality as perfectly normal and acceptable would have negative consequences?…


You see this when these women think they’re punishing men. They say stuff like “I won’t fuck any Trump voters”! Bitch, nobody wants to fuck you, whore.

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An article like this even 10 years ago would have been unthinkable.


I played that game for a while. the problem is that they always gain feelings for me. If you’re a man of resources you can’t reveal everything to them. They will do anything to either get married, have a baby by you or both. I’ve had the same amount of success by banging the hottest chicks at restaurants and retail stores. Offer to pay their cell phone, cable bill or auto insurance for a bit and their clothes almost fall off in that moment. Much less drama and work.


Yeah it seems like most of those chicks on those Sugar Baby sites want a boyfriend that pays them for sex instead of a Sugar Daddy that they just see when it is convenient for him.

sugar daddy girls are just hookers that are in denial about the fact that they are hookers.


They sure are. But if they only have one or a few Sugar Daddies, it becomes smart prostitution. Making money while not getting with dozens of men daily to fork 70% of the money to the PIMP.

Yet, what kind of man will want to wife one of the hoes up when he finds out what she has done in her past? Especially if he has money, it should be clear what kind of gal she is…

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I assume most never find out.

I know 2 broads who were on those back in the day.

One was charging $500 for “dinner” fresh out of college, the other turned 19, moved in with a 50yo businessman who paid her tuition, car and allowance until she graduated.

Both are married with kids now.

To be fair to the businessman, homegirl was a khaleesi lookalike with no gag or A2M hesitancy.


It’s like 50% of adults have HPV.

yeah the sugar daddy girls just seem like nice sweet girls that you’d never suspect were selling pussy. if they are smart about it their future husband never finds out

I’ve not been on Sugar Daddy sites but I’ve seen such ads or escort ads where you clearly see the gal’s face…

HPV is the cause of warts anywhere on your body. There are over 100 strains IIRC, Its just a few strains that cause the problems.

yeah but who goes digging through all the hooker ad archives to see if they can find their girl

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with most of these chicks I raw Dogg, for about the first half dozen times we bang she will go through this facade that were gonna use a condom, sets it on the nite stand. neither of us ever reach for it though lol. one time girl was on her way and tested “I will be just a bit late have to pickup protection” and I just chuckle to myself because we’ve never used a condom

Of course. But hopefully a sick perv clues you in. Imagine thinking you found a great one and she has more than rode all kinds of dicks, she was getting paid for sex by men. I’d appreciate a sick fuck clueing me in.

Ha. What world do you live in where this is a remote possibility