Wrecked my new car...

Driving home at about 12:30 at night, a deer suddenly appeared in the middle of the expressway. I swerved to avoid it, and then noticed that there was another car in the adjacent lane. I swerved back to avoid colliding with the car, then must've overcompensated my steering and ended up nailing a guardrail at about 60 miles and hour and doing a complete 360 degree spinout in the middle of the road.

Luckily my girlfriend was driving right behind me. She was a witness to the accident, and said it looked really bad. I wasn't hurt, however, but the car's not looking too good. This is a major bummer, since I've only had it for 3 months. It's a 2004 Mazda3 that I absolutely love.

The damage didn't look too bad, and I was able to drive it about 7 miles to the next exit and leave it overnight at a gas station. Upon further inspection the next day, I noticed that it was leaking coolant and transmission fluid, the fenders are all cracked, and the headlights (although still functional) are broken. The engine seems to be okay and the radiator didn't seem to be in bad shape, either.

I called the insurance company and made a claim, and hope that everything goes all right. I have a $1000 deductable, though, so it's going to cost me a lot either way.

I've been kind of depressed since. It's funny how attached I can feel to a car.

Any car accident horror stories that anyone else would be willing to share to make me feel better?

Lost my first new car that way...Volkswagen Pasaat.

Miss the fuck out of that thing.

ahhh motorground mods who can appreciate a vw. finally.

Well, luckily my girlfriend stopped. The other car just kept on going.

I got the name of a good body shop and they're coming to tow my car tomorrow. I just can't wait to hear how much damage there is. Hopefully it just ripped a bunch of tubing and that's why it was leaking. The transmission fluid everywhere worries me.

Yeah, it really sucks. Oh well.

I still heartily recommend the Mazda3. Kept me safe.

Just as an update, I got the check from the insurance company today.

$5,523 dollars worth of damage! Ugh.

I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that it's mostly body damage and that the transmission is okay. Once they rip the tranny apart it's almost never the same.

That is/was a nice car!!! That car is sharp!

Well, the body shop told me there's no engine or transmission damage, and the car "did what it's designed to do" in an accident.

Unfortunately, because the car is so new, Mazda hasn't released all of the parts I need yet. So it's just sitting there at the shop until they can get the parts in they need.

Might not have it until early May, out for an entire month! Sucks.