Wrecked them today

Whats up my little poker bitches?

Got them for 30k tonight at pokerstars in the weekly sunday tourney.

first week I ever used fpp points to enter via satellite so investment was 0.

Next friday I fight in KOTC, Saturday party like rockstar in L.A..

If only every week was this good!

Dude, congrats and good luck with your fight on Friday. Man, $30k in one night? That's pretty f'ing sweet

$30,000 profit is pretty fucking sweet, congrats.

Yes, unfortuantely we are all your little poker bitches. Will we ever get a chance to play you online at Poker Stars in an S&G?

good job good luck with your fight

Cool, I won $65 this morning and feel like a champ.

Break a leg (not yours)!

Congrats wreckker!!

Was there a deal struck at the final table?

yes we made a deal 6 handed on chip count, was actually not a great deal for me, but I agreed to it anyway .



yeah, wreckker, congrats.

i saw you on the list today when i was signing on to poker stars. thats friggin awesome, that was a shit load of people.

how bout a weekly tip session from ya on here?

good luck friday.

We're finally getting some wsop 2004 events shown up here this weekend so hopefully I can watch you play a bit.

Ask away, I am happy to help MMA fans improve their poker.

Actually wreckker, I have a situation for you. Here is the hand history condensed:

1000/2000 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 5986037) - Tue Sep 21 04:07:18 EDT 2004

Table Multi-Table(82502) Table 4 (Real Money) -- Seat 4 is the button

Total number of players : 9

Seat 1: raycabana (6256)

Seat 2: vettekid3 (17818)

Seat 3: Veg101 (44955)

Seat 4: SLEEPYGUY333 (39594)

Seat 5: jayjay191 (5636)

Seat 6: luckyk13 (9079)

Seat 7: Hero (14334)

Seat 9: Ajax__ (35841)

Seat 10: BFS404 (56247)

jayjay191 posts small blind (500)

luckyk13 posts big blind (1000)

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to Hero [ Kc, As ]

Hero raises (3000) to 3000

Ajax__ calls (3000)

BFS404 calls (3000)

5 folds.

luckyk13 calls (2000)

Pot 12.5k

** Dealing Flop ** : [ 4c, 2h, 7c ]

luckyk13 checks. Hero checks. Ajax__ checks. BFS404 checks.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ 2s ]

luckyk13 checks. Hero ????

I have 11k left. Do you take a shot at this pot, or do you let it go?

wrekker here's another question regarding something you have alluded to before:

How in the fuck do you win money at a no limit table without getting any good cards? And do you ever get burned by someone who calls you out on this when he slowplays and has the nuts?

I'll try answering these:

"How in the fuck do you win money at a no limit table without getting any good cards?"

By reading your opponent and knowing when he doesn't have a hand he wants to risk any more chips on- or all his chips on. By picking on the weak players and steering away from the good ones.

"And do you ever get burned by someone who calls you out on this when he slowplays and has the nuts?"

Yes, I do. I bet everyone does, especially when it's not an obvious hand.

Grats brother!

Kickass payday!

PR- iwould say yes go for it, the 2 pairing is good for your hand. Anyone behing you should of bet a small pair pocket or on the board on the flop.

Yoou also have with 13,000 in the pot its worth the chance, good players will smell fish when you make the bet but if they had you beat they most likely would of bet the flop.

The goal is to win the tourney this is a good opportunity to double up.

With experience you will get a feel when people are slowplaying.

If the board is dangerous and a guy flat calls you is he drawing or does he have you beat?

Sometimes its more obvious like when the board is JJ5 and you get called, what did he call you with.

obviously an inside straight draw.

OK I have no fucking idea how the hell you came up with inside straight draw from JJ5?

That's probably why I still suck