Wreckker or PR

Hey guys, I was scrolling through Negreanu's FCP forum a while back and he started a thread himself in which he wanted to see who the public thought was the better poker player between Chip Reese and Phil Ivey (I guess since they're most often the two most talked about as being the best). His caveat was that nobody that would be posting would actually have any idea since probably no one there had ever actually played with them.

He didn't give his opinion, but I would be curious to know what you fellas think...maybe you've played with one or both in some type of event....?

Or just some insight as to what the pros in the poker world say the answer is when the question is brought up.

From a fan/outside point of view, it would seem that Reese is almost always considered the best cash game player....but I don't know if that's changed recently...maybe Ivey is as good as him at cash and mixed games...? But Ivey certainly seems to have better tournament skills, and I think an "all around best player" conversation has to include tournament skills too.

But maybe Reese's side game skills are so good that it overrides the tournament aspect..?

Not a technical question, but more of a special interest question, I guess.

Thanks guys.

Why would Ivey be considered better than chan , brunson, helmuth or negreanu himself ?

Ivey made like 16 million in three days back in february playing heads up.

Ivey sucks. Hell, I'M better than Ivey.

Whoops, thought this was the UG, sorry

Ivey is a prick, but does not suck.

Also, do not sleep on the Godfather

"Ivey made like 16 million in three days back in february playing heads up."

And to think I wasted my time going to college when I could've just been studying poker. Damn, must be nice

Ivey has been beating the big game I hear for awhile, that translates into big money.

I have played little with both really.

Ivey has busted me a few times in tournies, how much he has won who knows?

wreckker, who do the inner-circle pros feel is the better player between Ivey and Reese?

If you've heard, of course.

I just watched a CardPlayer interview with Jennifer Harmon and she was asked who the best cash game player was between Reese, Ivey and Greenstein and she said Chip is the best, but Ivey isn't far behind and is still quite young.

Just a tidbit for Naughty Gorilla who was questioning why Ivey is in the convo. He's pretty nasty.

Goddamn, I wish I was Phil Ivey. When Chris Rock said that no white guy
wanted to be any black guy he was WRONG.

Beating the big game = HUGE-O $$$

I hvaent played with either yet. Gimme another year or two. :)

I think Chip gets the respect cause he has been good for so long.

its hard to say the best is I think.

Ted forest cant be ignored either he has tortured games for awhile too, the biggest games.