Wresling with submissions is better than BJJ

Trust me on this one....

wrestlers can't fight off their backs without submission or bjj knowledge (guard) so you're talkin about catch wrestling? Phone Post

IF you are a wrestler and you have knowledge of bjj submissions, bjj positions, bjj escapes, bjj reversals, bjj sweeps, then you dont need to study or train bjj because it doesnt work.

You just need to be a wreslter.

Oh and if you know bjj guard then you dont have to study or train bjj either.

and even in the cases it does work you will know for next time...so dont bother.

What if you are a BJJ fighter with knowledge of wrestling? Would that be cool with you?

duckhuntgangsta - ^^ Wouldn't leaning that require BJJ training? <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

you would think so wouldnt you....


I c wat u did thar Phone Post

uhh no , wrestling is one thing and submissions are another thing , the history of mma has shown that catch wrestling is an unfeasible technique in MMA although it's quite a rich and beautiful art elsewhere. Except , one more thing , that is in bjj competitions , they pretty much get ousted.

Wrestling isn't easy , submissions that pit your strength against your opponents will isn't easy , both of them combined together along with all the schizophrenic multitasking that gets involved results in a hernia more then anything else.

There are , and have been few catch wrestlers in MMA , and even fewer instances where catch wrestling was actually effectively used to win an MMA match ,

on top of that , catch wrestlers are always claiming other techniques as their own , thus it's not exactly easy to say what catch wrestling really is since they're shapeshifting constantly.

In short , wrestling and submissions are two separate things , bjj isn't even in the same arena because almost all things bjj is concerned with up close and personal contact. While wrestling is a unique approach to inserting into the up close and personal contact.


While I practice BJJ and Judo I will say that in my experience some of the most difficult guys to handle are wrestlers that have transistioned into BJJ. Then again, I am basing this on a couple of D1 guys that were now doing BJJ I used to train with.

I will not argue that wrestling is not a great skill to have before learning BJJ but it pretty much goes without saying that a pure wrestling guy will get owned by a pure BJJ guy and yes, a lot of it has to do with the lack of submissions in wrestling.

Wrestling is great, so is BJJ. They simply have different goals and BJJ's goal (submission) is much more applicable to fighting than wrestlings goal (pinning).

 Two words-Dennis Hallman.

Technically never studied BJJ per se but started off as a wrestler (HS State champ) then learned subs and is easily one of the most dangerous sub guys alive.


"Wrestling with BJJ is better then BJJ derp."

youve heard the term "unconcious incompetence"

..in this case its actually "unconcious competence"