Wrestle Amazon Eve for $400/hr? Who wins?

Eve has also worked as a personal trainer, paralegal and political lobbyist, and now the full time model and actress also makes money by charging $400 an hour for men to wrestle her. Although she says that she lets Dennis wrestle her for free, even sometimes letting him win.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2432969/Amazon-Eve-worlds-tallest-model-finally-finds-love--6ft-4in-Mr-Right-just-inches-shorter-her.html#ixzz4kKDh9FUN



Pretty sure she would take me on size alone. 160, no cut, aint going to over power this women too easy.

And yes, She's fucking a black dude.

Soup, you there?


This pic is every OG'er ever.

That dude looks like Billy Ocean's brother. Billy Ocean can be seen a 1:28 of his video, but you should start it from the beginning. 


somebody hacked her wiki page:

Personal life[edit]

In 2004 Ervin transitioned from male to female, changing her name from William to Erika.[1] In interviews Ervin has talked about the problems of being a tall woman. Other topics she has addressed include her troubles growing up dealing with teasing in high school, family problems and her modeling experience.[9][15]



Poleeko -

Isn't Amazon Eve a tranny?

holy shit. looks like you're right. the entire wiki page makes it sound like "she" was a woman from birth. but after a bit of googling turns out he had a sex change in 2004. fucking insanity.

god damn it. how did I end up here?

I thought this was a job offer

I wouldn't pay $400 to wrestle a hot chick.

Would rather wrestle Alice Eve please

Are heel hooks allowed?