Wrestler Chris Taylor

ive seen a few crazy pictures of this guy and always wanted to know more about him... anybody have the scoop on what made the man tick?

and was he the reason behind the max weight in nevada?


can somebody post the pic of Taylor getting belly to belly suplexed? Thanks.



The above link is a good page I found when I googled for his name and the word Wrestler.

Pretty amazing dude for his size. Very agile. Played foot ball in the NFL. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!

Actually that page isnt all that great. I did not read it all before I posted it. It doesnt tell much other than his pro wrestling.

madman that picture is sofa king great

ttt for The Fatman

"Played foot ball in the NFL"

Really ? For who ?

There is a Chris Taylor that plays for the SF 49ers, but it's a totally different guy.

Who did wrestler Chris Taylor play for in the NFL when he was alive ? How long ?


thanks axe!

ill never get sick of that guy

rulons dad?

hes been dead Happy New year Ziplockk

KC Chiefs if I remember correctly. Could not tell you what years though.

Ok I looked into it a lil bit more and I can not confirm that he played in the NFL. I remember hearing a lot about him at one of the camps I wnet to when I was a kid and I could swear he also briefly played in the NFL. I used to study Wrestling like most kids do for school so I may have read that also.

He wrestled both in Freestyle and Greco in the 72 games. He lost in Greco by pin in the first round and bronzed in freestyle. I believe he died of heart failure.

He was the reason for the original weight limit in College. The weight limit was 285.

He was huge but he was very agile. I saw a picture of him shooting a single leg on Gable once. I do know that Gable mostly worked with Chris during team work outs.

What about you Darren, anything to add?

thanks big... thats why i love the UG

think he died of a heart attack at an early age Most memorable thing about him was a famous poster of him getting suplayed.Dont think he played no pro ball

grappling mag did a write up on him awhile back

He had tard strength.

All defendable points about him


I never heard of him playing in the NFL. I doubt that he did since Aaron Gibson (current Chicago Bear) is credited with being the first player listed as 400 pounds in the NFL. And if you remember correctly the Fridge was "only" about 335 when he came into the league and was considered freakishly huge for then (1984).

I think Taylor died when he was 28. Prior to 30 for sure.