Wrestlers who almost were superstars but couldn’t quite make it

Test was a guy who at one point was pretty over and could’ve become a top superstar. He was put in the biggest angle at the time with Stephanie and hhh. He was a big guy physically too. I’m guessing his personal issues and mic skills halted that push

D-Lo Brown was really starting to get over as the European champion and I remember he started getting some large pops from the crowd. Idk why his push stopped but this was well before the droz incident

Billy Gunn was another guy who got a pretty good push. He got to work a program with the rock but he couldn’t deliver the goods according to Bruce Prichard he had an asthma issue and maybe singles wrestling just wasn’t for him. Also his mic skills were subpar.

Who else comes to mind?

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The answer is always Billy Gunn.


Sorta depends on how define “superstar”.
Dolph & Christian both held the strap in WWE, but were never really pushed as main event champs.
Christian’s TNA run, however, showed he could do main event work when booked properly.
Dolph is a lost cause at this point as far as anything over mid-card goes. And I’m guessing he probably doesn’t even care anymore - he’s there to get paid.
IMO, Bobby Roode could easily have been main event material in WWE, but they never gave him decent pushes, either.


That God promo the rock cut on billy killed him


paul roma


Tom fucking Magee.

Also, Kerry Von Erich had it all (except a right foot).


The job guy from the WWE?

Agree with OP - I always thought D-Lo was going places. Was a good worker and had decent charisma. Could have been a main eventer in my opinion if he worked on his look a bit.

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Big Show and Ken Shamrock both should have had the Andre treatment and never lost clean.


Vince Russo leaving probably had a lot to do with D-Lo losing his momentum

Mr Kennedy
Ken doane

These guys may have has the look or the athleticism or the mix skills, but a lot of success is also being politically savvy and carrying yourself like a star backstage. Some guys miss out based on that.

Matt Morgan but they gave him that stuttering gimmick
Christopher Nowinski
Lance Storm

Best example, and many articles to describe how, imo is Nature Boy Buddy Landell

DLo fucking annoyed me with that head shake nonsense.

Billy Gun couldnt cut a promo because of dyslexia I believe but also the Mr Ass gimmick got him destroyed by the Rock.

Test…outside life.

Ziggler injuries.

If you get injured you’re pretty much fucked. Bad news Barrett springs to mind.

Chelsea Green

Ken Shamrock; I remember he lost to Undertaker and then that was pretty much it.

I would’ve put Bobby Lashley on the list up until this past Wrestlemania.

I think we could put Bray Wyatt on the list. He has been the most over wrestler and had the best gimmicks yet WWE won’t ever let him cross into superstardom.

Test was always bland as hell despite all the pushes he got.

So many guys never reach the next level because behind the scenes they just arent good employees for one reason or another to make it worth it to the company.

In more modern times there is just way more booking issues.

I vote for rick Martel. He easily could have been ic champ but that scene was already flooded at the time


Randy Orton was so close to finally reaching ‘it’ when he kicked Vince in the head on the Raw. I remember the reaction being insane. The next week he came out and Shane McMahon beat him up with the worst punches ever.

He was almost a megastar after that one week.

Billy Gunn was on the verge of getting over as a singles star, right up until the Undertaker stole his gimmick. “Badass” Billy Gunn had that mega pop when Stone Cold asked the locker room if there was anyone tough enough to be the Rattlesnakes partner.

A couple weeks later Taker comes back as the “American Badass” and Billy becomes Mr. Ass, and it was all over.

Let’s keep the thread serious.

Those watching closely at the time know it was that one-month title run that told the fans he was and always would be nothing more than a bit player. You could immediately feel the wind go out of the sails of his pops, and I don’t mean Bob.

Edge too!! Not even a year later. They Orton’d him.

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Also…I seriously think they blew it with Emma.

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