Wrestlin shoes in Oz?

looking to get some when I get home, anyone know what the go is? place to get them, prices ect...I assume the market isn't that huge in Australia :(

First question is where are you?  There are a few places in Sydney that you can get wrestling boots from.  They start from around $140 and up...


I'm in Korea right now :) but heading home in January. I go to Sydney a few times a year so I could easily pick up some there. Thanks Elvis!

oh and on a side note, do you have a single session mat fee at your gym? I live in the ACT and hope to pick up training at the BJJ club there again, as well as throwing in some wrestling and boxing, training when I'm in Sydney sounds great as well. TTT

Zoe's Martial Arts in Tempe (Sydney)

Sweet! thanks MMAFun!

Hey there,

Yes we do have a casual rate.  We got all the bases covered.  We get a few international guys coming through so we look forward to it.

Zoe's is a good store.  There's also Shogun in Penrith as well.  You can check out their website at http://www.shogunmartialarts.com.au/

Here is a link directly to the boots... http://www.shogunmartialarts.com.au/index.cfm?fuseaction=show_product&category_id=3&subcategory_id=37&product_id=140



Oh yeah, some of the guys from the BJJ club in the ACT come up to Sydney to train with us as well.

I'm originally from the ACT myself.


thanks Elvis! true people's champ! say, when you going to come up and fight in Korea? it'd be wild! Dennis Kang fights here a lot, I think you'd match up really well with him.

You can order them in through Rebel sports or Rowe and Jarman. I got a pair of Dan Gable classics two years ago now. A nice solid shoe...
I went in and asked if I could order any in, the sales assistant pulled out a catalgue that had a few to chose from. Took about two weeks to get them.

Happy hunting


cheers Kym, sounds like there are more options than I thought there would be, thanks for the info guys!