Wrestling clubs in San Diego?

My brother who lives in SD was asking if I knew how to get wrestling specific training.

He's in the San Diego area, and I think he wants to work just wrestling, as opposed to wrestling for MMA.

He's never wrestled before.

Is there a place he can train 3-5 days a week in pure wrestling, as an adult (he's 25) with little to no experience?

is it pure wrestling, like wrestling rules, and not going to guard?

Additionally, how often is is?

Additionally, who is the instructor?

Additionally, how expensive is it?

Brandon Veras gym alliance has wrestling classes five days a week ran by WEC fighters Dominic Cruz and Gary Padilla. alliancemma.com


I looked on their site, is it freestyle, or folkstyle?

 its Chula style

Just tell him to go already :)

The Compound MMA in Oceanside has it.

Then there straight wrestling clubs like No Mercy in Vista.

Fall Guys in Mira Mesa.

to name a few.

alliance wrestling classes are very good and well taught. they go over freestyle, folkstyle and greco. depends on the day. dominick cruz and gary padilla were both stand out wrestlers in high school besides being great mma fighters. parking isnt too bad. definitely have seen way worse at other gyms


 just park in the car park to the right of the gym... loads of room there

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