Wrestling for MMA/BJJ Seminar.

Hey guys, just to let you know that next weekend we are going to hosting Olympic Wrestler Brett Cash. For those of you who don't know Brett, he has been wrestling Freestyle and Greco Roman since he was four. He was a 2000 Olympian and has a host of credentials that make him arguably one of the best wrestlers in Australia.

He has trained and competed in Russia, America (where he took one of the Brand brothers into overtime) Brazil, Cuba, Japan and Poland. He is also Australian University Judo Champion. He has a tonne of experience coaching Muay Thai and BJJ guys, he and his brother coach a very well known MMA team in brazil regularly (he asked if the name was kept from being public) and he is actually on his way over to Brazil at the end of the month to coach the team for an extended period.

He has trained with and under Kevin Jackson, Mike Van Arsdale, Randy Couture and was the only person to score on the Bulgarian Gold medallist in the 2000 Olympics.

I have asked him to come down and put on a seminar on wrestling specifically for submission wrestling and MMA as well as for striking.

He will be showing his unique blend of Greco and Freestyle and how to dominate the clinch, how to hit and defend the takedowns effectively. He will also be covering mental and physical pre competition preparation (he also has a sports science degree) and topics such as weight cutting, strength and conditioning, training methods and much more.

Anybody of any level is welcome, both Strikers and Grapplers. It will be on a Sunday (the 18th of March) and there will be limited numbers. It will go for approx 3-4 hours, maybe more if we are lucky. The cost is $45

If you wish to attend let me know ASAP at vt1gym@yahoo.com.au.

You guys mighta also seen him on the footy show lol :)

All you guys will gain great wrestling knowledge from Brett.

But taking BRANDS into overtime is BULLSHIT. When I catch up with the little shit i am gonna give him what for.

But putting that aside he was coached by one of the best technical wrestlers in history. ANAToLi BELGLAZOV,,,THE TWIN OF SERGEI. These two guys are legends of the sport. Only a handful of people have had this exposure and Brett is one.

Having done a teaching degree he is one of very few guys who could pass this skill on in Australia.

Hopefully Brett reads this and tries to work out who i am.

This is a seminar well worth attending. Just for the wrestling alone.

I was a late bloomer to the sport......lol hint hint.

There is only a hande full of guys with this knowledge here. And even less who can coach and impart the knowledge.

All the best Brett.

I highly encourage any interested mixed martial artists/ grapplers to attend and participate in Brett's seminar.

I have competed on a National team alongside Brett, and he is a tremendously accomplished wrestler, a clear and intelligent communicator, and a great bloke.

You will learn a lot, and enjoy yourselves.

Regards, Chris Shen

LOL@ Monkeybusiness, maybe i am mistaking the Brand match for Graham his identical twin?

I wrote the writeup for him, Brett doesnt lie, if anything that would be my slip up.

Thats correct about Anatoli as well.

Monkeybusiness i just spoke to him he lost 4-1 in overtime, it was pre world championships.



Awesome opportunity! Wish I could go :)

ttt few spots left, its this sunday.