wrestling gear--- where to shop?

what are some reputable wrestling gear shops?

and is there a difference between different shoes? singlets?

http://www.wrestlinggear.com is a good site

I like ASICS wrestling shoes.. Adidas seem a little narrow.. ASICS are a little bit wider.

 Check out www.eastbay.com  they often have specials especially in the off season getting rid of last years models.



Really as far as brands go, it's all about preference. I personally prefer Adidas over Asics when it comes to wrestling shoes. Asics are a bit too stiff for me (depending on what shoes you get, but for the most part true). I prefer to have my shoes really tight. Also I prefer a split sole. A Uni-sole is too stiff and isn't as comfortable to me. Nike makes a variety of shows, but to me feel cheap for some reason. As far as singlet brands, for the most part they all feel the same. You'd really only know if you had years and years of putting em on and wrestling in em. I would suggest not getting a sublimated one (just how they put ink on), they aren't as comfortable, and aren't as stretchy. Cliff Keen makes good, comfortable singlets. Go to thematforums.com and just look through the the ads on there and you'll find good stuff, as far as prices.