Wrestling hates me

I haven't done any freestyle wrestling in a couple of years. The official line is that I've been focusing on Muay Thai, that MT is better for fitness and more usable on the street should I ever need it. Add to that a few sessions of BJJ here and there and bugger me I'm one hard bastard. Well today I went wrestling, and realise just how much I've been lieing to myself for the past couple of years. The real reason I haven't done any is because it's way too f'king tough. Within half an hour I had to go to the window as I thought I was going to puke, and my hands are still shaking now, 6 hours and 3 meals later. Yep, I've got me a new hobby.

Now onto the point of this thread: is there anything in the world, other than wrestling itself that can get me in to decent shape for wrestling? Like I say I've been doing thai and western boxing, and am obsessive in my gym going, so I'm not exactly a couch potato, but today it counted for absolutely nothing.

only way to get into wrestling shape is to wrestle, i know you want some fancy answer but that is the truth. of course you can run, swim, ride a bike to supplement it would help alot but the only way to get into mat shape is by mat time.

Wrestling=toughest activity in the world.

yep, I feared that was the answer. I already run, swim, row and skip until my heart's content but still felt like an octagenarian yesterday. Feel good today though...

I think Judo is pretty tough, too.

Judo?? Don't talk daft, everyone knows that's just BJJ-lite.

I kid, some of the hardest people I know are judokas. I'm just too tight to buy a gi, so it's wrestling for me...

I agree with Juninho. I haven't wrestled in 5 years, and just joined the Ohio State University wrestling club. Mind you this was the first cardio I've done in 5 years as well, I never even jogged! First practice was last night. Madness. After the dynamic warm-up I was gassed, through the drills I couldn't catch my breath at all and my body had that "prickly-tingly" feeling when you get too hot/over-exerted.

I think the reason wrestling is so tough is that you are basically doing full-body sprints with short rests for the duration of the entire practice. Like sprinting for 2 hours. It always annoys me when people don't realize how hard wrestling is, and there's no real way to try to explain it. You have to be punished in a wrestling room to really know what's going on, then you never forget.

Good luck Juninho, stick with it,

LOL, this reminds me of last spring...

I hadn't actually done just pure, straight wrestling in about two years. Then this past April, I went back into a wrestling club. I was absolutely shocked! I had forgotten how absolutely brutal and physical wrestling is! Within minutes, I had been head butted, gotten my knee torqued up, took a thumb in my eye, and various other bumps and bruises. Then we were done with the warm-ups... (I'm not kidding).

I had also forgotten that you don't really pace yourself in wrestling. You just go balls-out, non-stop, high intensity. I had forgotten just how intense wrestling is. LOL @ me.

jonpall, I absolutely agree that judo is tough. But I think in terms of raw intensity [requiring anaerobic conditioning], wrestling probably takes the cake. I don't know first hand, but a few friends who have good experience with both tell me that judo is a bit more "relaxed" than wrestling (particularly American folkstyle). I'm not saying it's good or bad - e.g. a criticism of wrestling is that it's too "spastic" - it's just how it is.

On the plus side, because of the intensity and physical nature of wrestling, I think it does the best job of developing just a "pit bull" mentality - always ready to give AND receive heapin' helpings of punishment.

Quincy Rice once posted that Judo is like a father bull, and wrestling is the son bull, younger and more impatient. The younger bull looks at his dad and says "Dad, lets run down into the pasture a fuck one of those cows!" His dad (judo bull) says, "No, lets walk down and fuck all of them."

Now, I have no idea what any of this means. But all I have to say is that if I, as a wrestler, want to fuck a cow in a hurry, ain't NOBODY gettin' in my way!!!

Weird ass tangent.

Now when somebody says "wrestling is gay" I can responde "nuh uh.. wrestling is like fucking a cow"

I will never look at Iowa farm wrestlers the same again.

lmao!! Best comment ever! I often hear Japanese masters talking of how Judo is like a weeping willow rather than an oak tree, or some other deep spiritual stuff I never understand. Now fucking cows is something I can relate to...

Bolesic/Bob, cheers mate, good luck to you to. I'm off to class in about ten mins, am just reading this to get myself psyched up for another beating...

i love wrestling and i love cows!!

"Dad, lets run down into the pasture a fuck one of those cows!" His dad (judo bull) says, "No, lets walk down and fuck all of them!"

That quote(minus the judo reference) was from Sopranos season 1, Tony said that to Uncle Jr.

I remember having one 25 minute go as a workout in college. That was a bitch. The sad shit is by the end of the season you could handle them no problem.

"That quote(minus the judo reference) was from Sopranos season 1, Tony said that to Uncle Jr."

That quote has been around a lot longer than The Sopranos.

in australia bro, rugby make any man cry. wrestling however make any man or cow cry!

thats weird man, I'm the opposite. I can wrestle all friggin day, but Muay Thai will wind me in a round or two. I use too much friggin energy throwing blows.

Wrestlings not easy, I can just do it well even when I'm sucking wind.

That bull-cow quote was also used by Robert Duvall to Sean Pean in "Colors."

Love that quote.