Wrestling in a GI

How did it change your wrestling takedowns?, i've finding the crossover a bit difficult. Any ideas?

For me, clinching, try to dominate the tie-up, trips and body locks, Russian two-on-ones.

Work on grip fighting, very important to establish a dominant grip. Use your elbows to block and loosen your opponents grip.

I like to wrestle in a gi. It's easier to do the fireman's carry when you can grip the opponent's gi pants.

The Gi really slows things down. I try to work the things Howard mentioned, but I am still trying to translate what I learn at wrestling class to BJJ with a GI.

why not learn judo?

I took Judo for a little while as well. I just like wrestling more. I'm not that good at torquing my hips in and committing to turning - thereby exposing -my back against a BJJ player. I also find the traditional straight up stance of Judo allows the BJJ player to jump guard easier. The staggered and crouched stance from wrestling makes guard pulling more difficult to achieve.

However, I did learn how to grip fight and foot sweep from Judo tho.

I'm not the fore-most expert of anything, but I'd disagree. I came from a jiu-jitsu background and then tried to learn takedowns, trying wrestling and judo, and especially in the gi and to most extents no-gi too, I've stuck with judo. From a guard pulling perspective, I'd much rather jump into a flying triangle on a crouched opponent. It's just my opinion of course, but I don't think a crouched stance is necessarily safer than an upright stance against guard pulling. You make yourself top heavy if it doesn't go your way, where as an upright stance allows you to fall back blocking with your knee and start with a little more space. I also don't like the situations that come around with a failed shot on the legs myself, nothing worse than being stuck under someone with a gi on, but that's another discussion. It makes for a much easier landing. I agree on the footsweeps and gripfighting though. I do like my uchi-mata, but for bjj rules, turning your back isn't something you repeat over and over in the same match. There are tons of takedowns that don't require that though, or you can even feint turning to set up a less risky throw. example: fake a big forward throw off a high collar grip and turn back into a hopping osoto-gari to finish. Just my 2 cents

the crouched stance is good in an artificial setting.

when kicks, punches knees etc. are allowed ,it's bad news.

Freestyle JJ - I too come from a BJJ background, having played it for over 10 years (still do btw, except I'm very comfortable with stand up grappling, as opposed to most BJJ guys). In my own experience I found the way I wrestle, vs the way I played Judo that I could prevent someone from pulling guard more successfully while using wrestling.

But, it really doesn't matter, which stand up style you play; so as long as you can impose your will upon your opponent and prevent him from executing his game.

for the double shot, stop it and then use their belt and go with them all the way over...

if someone wants to fall on his bum, let them...just don't let them cross their ankles...end result: you are on top ready to pass...good luck...


SBGi recently put out a series called Advanced BJJ Series #2 with Bob Bass and Rick Williams. Get the 3rd DVD of the series "Takedowns for BJJ and Open Guard Sweeps". This video could have been two DVD's, there is so much info on it. Anyway, I prefer wrestling over judo myself, and it really helps you transfer your wrestling skills over to the gi. I used to get pretty frustrated when I would be trying to work my wrestling setups and the guy would just tie me up in judo-esque grips. Now I have some options to keep working my game, fundamental stuff that works. Plus, you get some good open guard stuff as a bonus. I give the video a B- for its format, but an A++ for content.

Lol, why do you think the world ended up with judo when wrestling was done in a gi? (as opposed to wrestling techniques ignoring the gi)..if you are wearing a gi or other clothes judo is best for the standup grappling. Without then its wrestling. Its best to learn both. Commiting the hips comes with pracise.