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Once I get your entry I will send you a Competitor ID Code. This will put you in our system, confirm your entry, speed up the check-in process the day of/night before, and make tracking your progress throughout the brackets easy.

I have a passion for Grappling, be it Submission Arts Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Wrestling, etc. And I am sure you do too. I've decided, that in the Spirit of Competition to open up multiple entry to all competitors,...for free. So feel "free" to enter all the categories that apply to you.

The Carolina Cup tournament series is designed to provide all the different styles of Grappling, while giving everyone the most chances to compete. In some cases, divisions will be double elimination style in order that everyone has at least a couple of matches! This will be based on time constraints. 3rd and 4th place will be determined by match.

I want everyone to go home feeling they got some good rolling accomplished. If you didn't get the matches you were hoping for,. say if no one else enters your same division. Then you're not going to be too happy about that, neither will I, since I know that feeling myself. I will do my best to make sure that every willing competitor gets their fill, I'll find a way, I might even roll with you myself in an exhibition "Good Will" type match, if you're able.

Entry Fee: I want to keep this fun for the Competitor, and paying a lot of money has never been my idea of fun. Me personally, I don't care if I make any money with this (just want to break even!). Things do cost, but I'm concentrating on the things that a Competitor is REALLY looking for. And not concerning myself with any other fancy stuff, so there won't be too much "Flash" here. By doing this I'm trying to keep the price down, for you and the people that come to cheer you on.

The fees will be as follows:
$40.00 for All Divisions, FREE multiple entries. Sign-up BEFORE March 2nd

$50.oo for All Divisions, FREE multiple entries. Sign-up FROM March 2nd--Day of Event
(I hate to charge extra for late sign ups but this is to motivate those procrastinators out there, myself included)

$5.00 Admission fee at the door. Seats are both folding and bleacher style for a good view.

Parking is free, the venue is out in the country so open spaces for parking are not a problem.

There will be a concession stand as well as an awesome place to eat just down the road!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call me at (704) 435-2919 or (704) 300-6253. Any input is welcome and I'm ALWAYS open to ideas that could make the Carolina Cup better for you.

Best luck on training and here's to a great new grappling tradition in the Carolinas.

See you on the Mat, Anthony Huss
Huss Hybrid Combat College
Carolina Cup Director


This is Anthony Huss of Huss Hybrid Combat College, host of the Carolina Cup:Tap Factor Tournament series being held this March, 13th, 2004 in Lincolnton, NC.

Thank you for your all your emails and interest in "Tap Factor", to make this info easier for all to access I'll post it on this site.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. My system/previous site was zapped by a virus I just wish I could find the guys who create them). But I'm back on track as now and wanted to get this info out to you asap.

The Carolina Cup is a new platform showcasing: NO-GI(novice, intermediate, advanced, Pro), GI(white through black belt), two stlyes of Wrestling, FOLKSTYLE(same as collegiate) and GRECO-ROMAN, and a new type of competition class for Police type Arrest&Apprehension called "Cuff'N'Stuff". Divisions are open to Youth, Women, Men, Masters, and Absolute. FREE MUTIPLE entries for all divisions that apply to you.

Here's a little update: I've secured the biggest and newest event venue in this part of the state for our tournament. The Lincoln Charter school's new Olympic size gym, just the place for a bunch of mats and a day of competitive grappling!

Speaking of mats,. brand new wrestling type mats are being made as we speak. So you get to be the first ones to break them in! 15'x15' foot ring with a safety buffer zone. Plus two separate warm-up mats to the side, for when you don't want to be practicing your "secret" move in front of your next opponent.

Website: I changed sites recently. The new one,... http://earthshaker_hhcc.tripod.com ...though not quite finished, is up and running! The REALLY vital info you need is already there; dates, location, divisions. Weight brackets, fees, and entry forms are done. So are the rules, but they are being revamped and double checked by S.A.G.(Submission Arts Grappling) for errors before posting. Check back often, I will be doing a new chunk and posting it everyday. I'll be finished this week. Check out the site and by all means, if you haven't ALREADY signed up, please do so as early as possible. You can send a money order, or a cashier's check made payable to "Anthony Huss in care of Huss Hybrid Combat College". By the time my site is done you will be able to use the Paypal feature as well. I'll be needing your entries as far in advance possible so I can do a better job of getting some goodies ready for the competitors. There's also programs/guides that will be printed up with your names in it,...but if you sign up AFTER the print day, you can be in the tournament but your name won't be in the pre-printed literature.

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