Wrestling in London?

Is anyone on here from England or know any good clubs in the london area? Im thinking about getting into wrestling to round off my fighting style (i already do boxing). Ive had a look on the net but only found 2 clubs in london, the LAW club at city university and the Tokei club, are either of these good? If so which should i join as there both quite near.



Try asking on sfuk.net, there are loads of people who train down in London there. The guys at London Shoot might be a good bet to ask.

I wrestle at Tokei, its a good class with a mix of abilities and about an even split between MMAers (including some big names) and hardcore wrestlers. The classes are purely Freestyle wrestling (though if you ask I'm sure someone will do some Greco with you) so don't expect any asides on hitting out of the clinch or anything like that. Hope this of help to you, any other questions just post here.

Thanks for the responses guys. BM, i was thinking of taking up wrestling as i believe it will be the fastest way to improve my grappling abilities, and at a later date i can always mold striking and wrestling together when ive got a good base in each. At least thats my reasoning, i know at shootfighters they teach you straight mma so the fundamentals are probably not as well developed as they teach a wider curriculum of techniques.

I can't say for sure about London Shoot as I've never trained there. What I would say is that both Alexis and Paul (who run LS) are absolutely top drawer wrestlers and are as technically proficient wrestlers as anyone I've come into contact with. Wheather or not they will have the time to teach you as much wrestling within a given class, I agree is doubtful, as there is a lot more to cover. However a great deal of the wrestling that will be tought at Tokei may well be not useful as it take little or no interest in clinching with reference to strikes, takedowns with reference to getting a dominant ground position or ground work with submissions. My advice would be to attend both classes and see which you prefer (if nothing else the LS cardio portion is legendary). If you can turn up early (10am) on the Saturday there is a very good BJJ class with a Ze Marcellos brown belt Ronaldo Campos which a number of us take as a 'warm up' for the wrestling.

Thanks again for the info BM.

Sweet, Ronaldo Campos teaches out of the same gym as the wrestling class? Nice combination.

sfuk.net needs to change the name of their address. Just saying "sfuk" out loud sounds like sodomy.