wrestling on Survivor

Anyone see this? They just had a challenge where two guys would face off on a balance beam and wrestle their way across. Rob took a few guys out with a power double and a single.

Yeah, that was cool.

Did you also see richard rub himself on sue. That was digusting!

Boston Rob is a stud! He slammed Colby like a little bitch!

Rob's shoot in and subsequent double leg takedown on Colby was UFC caliber.

Rob is the man! He is my all time favorite survivor.

I knew you'd say that.

Well... It's true. :-)

Boston Rob is a dumbass who tried to wrestle on
a balance beam.

He lost against Ethan but her hurt him good and he beat Colby easily. He didn't just try to wrestle- he kicked ass wrestling.

Boston Rob looked like he did better than try to wrestle tonight...but I could be blind.


DoctorOctagon has double legged the correct and slammed it hard into the wooden barrior that surrounds the pit of water.

How bout Kathy w/ the butt-scoot?

Kathy is a tard. I was suprised that she had a good idea. Surely someone else yelled for her to do that.

wtf? clip?

ttt for a clip.

When Rob got on the beam I said to my wife, "I bet Rob wrestled." "Hope he doesn't sprawl on the beam"

lol, Ethan got slammed. I thought he was going to cry.

As much as I hate Sue, she should raise some hell.

Rich rubed his cock on her during the challange.


It looked to me like Sue was all over Rich's cock? I could be wrong...

He took out Ethan and Colby impressively. I know he hit the water first against Ethan, but the shoot on the balance beam was impressive. I told my wife right away that he obviously wrestled before. It would be interesting to see if he indeed did wrestle competitively before.

Peter P