Wrestling on TV this Friday

Free-Style Nationals

ESPN2, Friday May 21st. 11:00pm EST




Hey thanks, I need to go out and buy some tapes so that I can record it.

Try and remind lots of people to watch this....I plan on taping it....put up reminders on your local wrestling forums....

Hopefully we dont miss matches or parts of them this go round while a coach demonstrates a "gut-wrench" etc......ala NCAA's....

Thanks for the heads-up :)



tivo is set :)

ttt keep this alive!

i think they're showing only parts of 3 fs matches and 2 greco as well as the entire cael-fullhart match.

hope that is wrong, but it's what i've heard.

at this point i'd rather not even see this, but instead a highlite show of what is going on at the trials.


It's about time