Wrestling shoes in MMA

What is the rational for banning proper wrestling shoes in MMA?

The NSAC has an irrational hatred of shoes.

All licenced judges must wear sandals when judging a fight.

I wish shoes were still legal.I guess they are trying to make the playing field as equal as possible when it comes to equipment

Legal in pride.

yeah PRIDE rules make a lot of sense IMO

Has to do with kicking im sure. Possibly unfair advantage... and its dangerous as shit the first day I wore wrestling shoes to bjj I almost had my foot torn off by a toe hold.

Severn for President

I think its the whole idea of the shawed (sp?) foot, that is a foot with a shoe on it will cause more damage. True for most shoes but certainly not wrestling shoes. The argument could be made that they cause more cuts but I don't know if there is any evidence supporting that claim. Besides with a little re-designing that wouldn't be an issue.

Has to do with kicking im sure. Possibly unfair advantage...

Wearing padding on your feet gives kicking an advantage?

Does wearing gloves give punching an advantage?

do these give you an advantage when punching?

They need to look at pics of Tim Lacjiks toe after the Kimo fight and rethink it.I can't belive their isn't more injuries like that honestly.

NSAC rules make no sense IMO

they need to be amended, it is like these rules were made up by boxers who don't know the sport

I love shoes and Foot protection.

But the laces cause major problems.

But the laces cause major problems.

use velcro, modify them, there are so many solutions

laces can be taped up so they never untie.

yeah all this bullshit they're just excuses for the lazy NSAC fools who don't know MMA

"But the laces cause major problems."

How so, wrestling shoes have no eyelets (they are bascially just a hole punched through the shoe)

And laces can be taped over.....

I really don't see the problem.

Just some FYI guys.

When the NJAC (the guys who came up with the rules) banned shoes they said it was to keep fighters from tracking debris into the ring.......which is beyond stupid.

Apparently boxers float on air during their walk to the ring.


Shoes are an advantage due to grip...

do boxing and takedowns with shoes on for 6 months... then take them off and watch your ass slip all over the plae while sparring and grappling. not much of an advantage for Kickboxing setups and BJJ, but for punching and takedowns they are a big advantage.

Shoes give you grip to plant... course they also can be used as a handle and a strait kick becomes alot more agrivating if your hitting somebodies bare skin with the bottom of a shoe instead of your bare foot...not that a wrestling shoe has more impact but it tear your skin up intead of slipping off you like a bare foot does.