wrestling vs judo

What art is better in three different instances. for all examples we will use olympic gold medalists in the same weight class to compare and to answer the questions at large.

Who would win in a takedown match both world class and both being the same weight. PRoabbaly the wrestler but id like to see if anyone disagrees.

Same situation who would win in a grappling match once taking 1 year of bjj with abu dhabi rules.

Last but not least with the same amount of training who would be the better prospect for mma as far as skills go and converting it to fight time. Also with equal amount of training to the other.



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This is an easy one!!!!

Judo wins with a gi and wrestling wins w/o the gi

The Olympic level athlete will crush someone with one year BJJ experience. I don't think there are too many people that have trained with an Olmpic level athlete. These are people that are gifted and have a lifetime of training under their belt.

This is the best question that has ever been asked in the history of mankind. Except maybe the question, "Which is better, judo or bjj?", which is a far more profound question than even the subject of this thread.

If an Olympic-caliber wrestler faced off against an Olympic-caliber judoka, I believe the very fabric of spacetime itself might rend.

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the better question might be who makes the better transition to MMA. i wrestled in high school, then did about an equal amount of judo.

obviously, at first the wrestler does, because he's used to no gi grips. but then judo makes a quick comeback.

for comparison - yoshida had been a gold medalist - at 178, many years ago. he had not been able to compete with the elite judoka for several years, and had failed to medal in the last 2 olympic cycles. retired from judo, because he wasn't good enough to be competitive anymore, he began an MMA career and was competitive at the most elite level of the game.

karo was 3rd in the US - a very weak judo country, a LONG way from the elite levels of the game. but he's had extensive MMA experience while still in his prime.

fedor was a national judo champ in a very strong judo country = 'nuff said.

greco is great, but after you learn the wrestling grips, i think judo is inherently more efficient because they do a lot of similar throws - but they are allowed to use their legs/whole body to throw (greco has no contact below the waist, which really limits the art. judo uses a lot of similar moves, but can add the legs to really launch and control people).

the freestyle "shoots" are extremely powerful and efficient moves that will alwsays be part of the game. judo has a similar move, but it's not as highly developed because of judo rules about hanging on the legs.

so who is the best grappler? obviously, it's the MMA grappler, who gets to combine the best elements of every art :)

Wrestlers all day. The best athletes on the planet. (admitedly, I am biased as I have a pair of ultraflex shoes.)

The Ninja wins in all situations, did you not see the Nat Geo programme?

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