Wrestling with a 6 yr old

My nephew is six and this is his first year wrestling. He is not very aggressive when he wrestles When the other kid gets a hold of him he seems to let them push him around. I need to know what I can do to help him be more aggressive or not give up when they get a hold of him or get him down.

I was watching some of the parents at his wrestling tournament tonight and some of the parent just seemed to over baring for 6 year olds I dont want to be like that but I dont want him to get pushed around either.

Thanks in advance

What I have seen from watching kids that young wrestle in tournaments, is that most younger kids wrestle like that. Usually they run into each other, and the first one that falls loses. I even see this in judo tournaments. Im no expert or nothing, but I would just tell him to have fun. As he grows older, I think he will start to develop more skill. Maybe you could make games for him to practice with, which I cant name any off the top off my head, I look into that and get back with you.


Could it be that he doesn't like wrestling?


I agree with suplexman. Keep it fun. He will learn technique and "aggressiveness" at a pace commensurate with his maturity. Some kids are faster than others; its no big deal. Definitely don't push young kids. How they do at the younger ages means absolutely nothing. Developing enjoyment and a sense of routine for the sport will go a long way in success down the road where it does count.

Rich Salamone