Wrestling with or without shoes?

I have visited this new wrestling club close to my place...


I want to add it to my Bjj...

when I was visiting I saw 3 or 4 guys that were prctising without shoes.

as my aim is to progress in grappling and as I do not care that much of wrestling competition shall I also train without wrestling shoes (in order to get used to it and be able to add it to my BJJ) or shall I use wrestling shoes?

in a sence my question is to learn the correct technique shall I practise it with the shoes?

kind of the same question than for BJJ with the GI or without the GI

does GSP train with or without shoes in wrestling?

You'll def. want to train wrestling with shoes. The biggest reason is with some takedowns like the swing single one foot will drag across the mat when you shoot. I got a bad matburn on my foot right now from doing this the other day

oki...but if I train a lot with shoes will I lose my sensivity and not be able to act the same way without shoes?

 Wrestling matts sink down when you step on them so its really easy to break a toe or jam it.

Wear the shoes.

GSP trains with shoes in the footage i have seen him

You should train with shoes. If your partner is wearing shoes and steps on your feet all the time it wont be very fun

okay thanks....I guess my cheap ass now have to buy shoes

 Protect those toes, buy the shoes!

Wear shoes!!!

Call me crazy, but I don't think GSP being that good, has nothing to do with wearing or not wearing shoes.

No shoes on the mat, get used to it.

Wearing knee pads or sleeves might be a good idea.

For BJJ, do GI and NO GI.

That is just my opinion, I hate shoes and I like the GI.

Wear the shoes at least while drilling takedowns or the high reps will burn layers of skin off of your feet.

Wonder what Mike Bourke's opinion on this is?

You remember him at that ill-fated KAOS at the Campus event in Los Angeles in May of '06: He was going to fight Mike Whitehead - but he refused to take his shoes off and forfeited!

I never wore shoes until I hurt my toes in a BJJ class. I used shoes while I was healing, then I continue to use them. In a Tournament I wore the shoes and when I went to do an arm drag, my foot stuck and I turned and POP. ACL tore.
I never wear shoes again. I feel if my shoe hadn't stuck so hard I would have turned with my knee. 18 months recovery and 1 year out of Training. NO SHOES.

 Shoes for Wrestling-yes, shoes for BJJ-no.   Buy the shoes.

Wear the shoes!

wear shoes
ive broken toes even with shoes on, i can only imagine what would happen without.

 shoes or you will be burned or broken


okay...now who can advice me on some nice shoes

wrestling without shoes is like gay sex without a condom. or something.