Wrigley Trip/Prior in Iowa

I figured I would kill two birds with one stone thus the thread title. Well for you Cubs fans in Iowa it looks like you might be able to see Prior pitch this Sunday, I just read this on Cubs.com. Just wanted to share this info.

I visited Wrigley this past Thursday and Friday and proved again to be unlucky as the Cubs are now 0-4 with me in attendance at Wrigley but something like 8-0 or 10-0 with me there away from home (I always find this funny!). It was awesome to be back at the 'Friendly Confines' and I look forward to heading back next year. Just felt like sharing this with you all, see ya...Joe

LOL - The ICubs sold out that game on Monday. They will sell standing room only for $4 5 minutes before game time.

It's my luck that my youngest brother is graduating from HS at the same time as the game.

But I'll be @ Wrigley on August 25th!

BTW - Cubs are undefeated with me in attendance on the road (3-0) & 2-6 with me at Wrigley. But I was in attendance for the longest 0-0 game in Wrigley history last year. The Cubs beat the 'Stros 1-0 in 16 innings.