Wrist soreness from heavy bag

about a month ago I was doing rounds on the heavy bag and my left wrist buckled when i threw a hook as hard as I could as the bag was swinging back down. Wrist has been bugging me since but it only seams to bother me if I have my hand back like for push up position or holding a barbell. I've stayed off the bag and have just been lifting light. Dumbbells don't hurt it for some reason. Anybody ever have something like this happen and if so how long until it healed? Phone Post 3.0

I've never had a wrist injury so unfortunately can't give much advice, but i am curious how you hold your fist when you punch? You should be landing with your wrist straight and making contact with the lower 3 knuckles. If your arm is lined up correctly hitting the bag shouldn't twist or turn your wrist at all.

Yeah ive had something exactly like that. Firstly, don't hit the bag as it's swinging towards, it's an unnatural target and you won't land with the right potion of the knuckle, this will result in a busted wrist lol.

If you're bothered about rhythm and waiting for the bag just step round so it's swing in front.

I had to have a but of time off with my wrist when I did it like you, I didn't really help my cause though, just complained about it a lot until it got so bad that I just couldn't use it at all. Aside from boxing it was especially bothersome in the gym with weights , good call with dumbells, cables also. Push ups are always good because your body moves instead of your hands/arms.

Rest it for 2 weeks then start some wrist mobility, forearm and grip exercises with very light resistance to straighten out any damage to the tendon . Do it twice a day. Generally a damaged tendon takes 3 months to get healthy but you aren't going to do that.

Maybe give it 3/4 weeks of rehab and see how you are.

So 6 weeks, then review. Phone Post 3.0

I think improving your hand and grip strength might help.

Captains of crush grippers are good

From the beginning i did a lot of knuckle press ups and various grip strengthening exercises, and i think that played a role in the fact i never had much trouble with hand injuries. I read a similar story of Gene Tunney having continuous hand problems until he started regular fingertip press ups and that finally solved his problems.



Article about Tunney's grip training

That's actually the book i first read the story in many years back. Good book worth a read just for some of the old time stories alone.

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Article about Tunney's grip training

impressive stuff right there

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Article about Tunney's grip training

Nice, will vu tomorrow Phone Post 3.0