Wrist sprain/pain help

HELP! I have pain/sprain in my wrist.

The sprain/pain has been on me for 6 weeks! I have stop training for 6 weeks. The sprain/pain is on the left wrist(near the pinky side, bony area).

I have tried the RICE method.

I have tried ibuprofen(advil), aspirin and paracetamol.

I have tried warm water.

I have been to the doctor and he gave me medicine which is similar to ibuprofen/aspirin.

I have done x-ray and it doesn't show any bone damage.

I had pain/sprain in my ankle and knee before and I was able to recover fully within 3 days.

I got the sprain/pain when I tried a one hand sode tsuri komi goshi(cross step)in randori.


See a doctor maybe?

Try tape. Tape the wrist good , making sure that you can grip with it. Take 800mg motrin 30 min before you practice, and ice it after. If you went to the Dr. and its not broke or torn , then the pain you feel if weakness leaving the body. Congratulations. Tommarow you will be even stronger.Could be tendonitis of some sort and it will take about 6 months to get back to normal.

See a doctor maybe?

"I have been to the doctor and he gave me medicine which is similar to ibuprofen/aspirin."

Oops didn't read all the way.




Did you injure it acutely or over time? If acutely, what were you doing?

Ben R.

Ben -

I got it when I did one hand sode in randori.

See a specialist