Wristlocks in BJJ

How come we dont se more people using wristlocks in bjj when rolling and competing?

Watch Jacare's matches, he is not afraid to use them.

I think the reason they are not more prevelant is because they are rather simple to escape if you see them coming. It could also be that they are difficult to train full speed without injuring your partner.

my .02

I like wristlocks and use several different ones in my sparring. If you start using this keep these facts in mind:

1 - the wrist is a small joint and thus susceptible to injury in the first place

2 - because they are relatively easy to counter the temptation is to slam them on quickly

3 - if you slam them on quickly you WILL injure your training partners.

The good news is that usually failing at a wristlock submission doesn't put you in a bad position, so you have nothing to lose by applying them in a slow, controlled manner.

Nice post, Stephan.

In addition to watching Jacare, watch matches of Fredson Paixao. He is the king of wristlocks. Bibiano Fernandes is also good with wrist locks.

Hmmmmm.... Jacare, Fredson, Bibiano... All are from Manaus and all trained with Osvaldo Alves. Coincidence?

One of the blackbelts I train with showed me a nice wrist lock last night.   He sets it up from an overhook on a guys arm from the guard.  It was pretty slick.  He says it works really well no-gi or gi.

I only use the occasionally to set up the armbar against very defensive people from specific positions.

People's Knee:

Thanks for listing a few more names. I am limited in my exposure to Bibiano and Paixao, but you make an interesting point given their school of origin!

When it comes to wrist locks, I worry less about it getting applied than heel hooks.

Another great place to apply a wrist lock is when you are mounted and the person on the bottom is in tight defensive posture protecting their lapels. trap the wrist and push their elbow toward their face and the lock happens easily or they straighten their arm for armbar.