Wristlocks NOT allowed in the UFC

They are allowed though right?

I'm arguing why they (standing Aikido/JJJ wristlocks) don't work on another forum, but in their defence some one is using the UFCs rules and how they might not be allowed. I was quite sure they are allowed however...

can anyone help?

I was under the impression that wristlocks were considered small joint manipulation - am I wrong?

lol.. no they have to be allowed..small joints meaning fingers and toes I think

"I'm arguing why they (standing Aikido/JJJ wristlocks) don't work"

lol - you obviously have never had one slapped on you. Cops use them on a daily basis - you might want to research the subject before saying it doesn't work.

I think someone won a blackbelt match in the Pan Ams with a standing wrist lock.

I have believe me. Show me it working. You can't. :)
...and no I never have, even after practising them for over a year, in FC sparring. Cops use them against unresisting opponents.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

jackel really? I'd like to see it.

Man Fredson & Jacare are the kings of wristlocks.
They have both tapped many guys with them. Fredson
got Yuki Naki once at the Mundials.

yea armbars and kneebars don't work either- some people are so stupid. dahh.

We're talking about standing wristlocks...these are standing or ground?

"I have believe me. Show me it working. You can't. :) "

ummm - your saying they don't work. take your wrist and bend it back farther than the normal range of motion - now did that hurt - yes - okay - now you are a beliver.

A better agrument would be that they are hard to apply against a resisting oponent. But to say they don't work - makes you look kind of retarded.

A blackbelt in the Pan Ams tapped from a standing wrist lock, I think Jacare was the one how tapped him.

I would tend to agree with jkkazmier, they are low percentage moves. So low percentage in fact that they are not often used against resisting opponents that know what they are doing. The fact that Aikido, HapKiDo, and other TMAs base their entire arts on wristlocks is what makes the art laughable.

go to a small circle jujitsu seminar and feel the power of the wrist lock.

NattoMatto just caught the correct in a nasty wrist lock...

I've had them put on me standing and on the ground...with someone good at them, they are very effective.



BJJ isn't UFC.

I don't see them working in the UFC mainly because of the gloves. The manual dexterity required to pull them off is hindered by them.

Wrist locks work. Just require a much higher skill level then armbars.


its like getting your oil checked - it works but very low percentage .

I think Bludhall is really, REALLY scared of getting his oil checked!