Wrong side O Ouchi Gari

I fight with a right handed sleeve and lapel grip. I've been having problems with people who fight out of a semi-extreme right stance. The three throws I've been working on are uchimata, o ouchi, and tai otoshi (especially o uchi and tai otoshi). Tai otoshi is the only throw that seems to work very well when the person's right foot is far forward. It seems that a o uchi performed with my left foot would solve this problem. Is that a legit technique? Any tips on it? I'm thinking that pulling down on the sleeve to drop their weight on that foot and pushing the lapel towards their right back corner would be the correct kazushi. Any comments?

try it and see. if it works.. its legit.

Try kouchigari. Then kouchigari to uchimata or taiotoshi.

Kouchi seems a more logical choice for an extreme right stance but ouchi can work.  Swain shows a neat swiching left sided ouchi with a sleeve or wrist grip in the Ippon Ahiwaza II book




he's not saying that he performs ouchi, he's just asking if it's worth the time to practice.

i would stick with the kouchi

Work on it and see what happens, you never know, you cold some day have a technique/entry named after you.

Ben R.

"There is no way he can counterattack you once he is in this position(maybe a front choke, lol)."

At what point in my attack is there no way I can be counterattacked? It seems like right before I gain control of the leg they can turn in for a harai or uchimata or something along those lines.