wrote this when I was 19 .....

kinda funny, I found some stuff last night from my stint in the navy. I found this 'poem'. Not that great but interesting to see my mindset 14 years ago.

Fighting Fighting Fighting

Surrender to his Call

He who holds your right hand

Will never let you fall

He uplifteth them who are cast down

Those who have no strength

are made strong

In our sad moments, even

though they seem long

his loving care abounds.

O thou who He calleth

Throw those things which

bind you, hurriedly to

The ground

He who calls you waitheth.

Fighting Fighting Fighting

Surrender to his call.

the preface to this says

Is there such a thing as attainment in this life ? What is true attainment ? Paul said he had not attained. Attainment is perfection. Only in our resurrected bodies can there be true attainment....